The Correct View Of The World

laitman_934Remark: In Kabbalah courses there is a section about the history of Kabbalah, which examines how the first Kabbalist Adam emerged, how he was followed by 20 generations until Abraham, what Abraham contributed to the development of Kabbalah, etc.

One way or another, we cannot get away from the fact that there is a timeline, eras, a certain sequence in transferring of the method. Anyhow, we appeal to world history.

Answer: The point is that no one, not even scientists, can explain all of Einstein’s physical experiments with time flowing backward. Scientists are faced with concepts that imply that time does not exist or flows backward, that space does not exist, etc.

Yet, we are in a more advantageous position relative to everyone else because we can offer people the practice of Kabbalah: to begin to expand your consciousness by including yourself in a ten, and then you will feel that the world is folded inside yourself many times over.

With your complex consciousness, you will be able to find the right view of the world. You will see that this world is inside you. Outside, there is only an imaginary field, a world of illusion. As a matter of fact, it does not exist. Everything exists only within a desire. Everything happens only in Malchut.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/16/17

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