The Purpose Of Creation And The Development Of Desire

laitman_548.02-jpgQuestion: What are the Creator’s attributes?

Answer: The Creator is the attribute of absolute goodness, absolute love. The thought of creation is the creation of a created being that can become equal to the Creator, to ascend to His level.

If we had the Creator’s attributes from the start, we would have existed in Him, not feeling that we exist. We have to feel our difference from the Creator in order to simultaneously feel both ourselves and our resemblance to the Creator: what are we and what is the Creator, and all this distance between us is like a sense of distance and contradiction, similarity and equality.

This is the reason that the whole system of creation, which operates on us in order to bring us to the level on which we resemble it, was created by the Creator.

The first thing the Creator created was a desire to receive.

The desire descended from the Creator according to five phases of descent until it reached the level of our world in which the desire develops and evolves and everything in the world is built: the universe, the earth, other planets, and us.

Now we begin to ascend back to the Creator. Eventually we will attain the state in which we become similar to Him and ascend to the His level. This happens in accordance to our ascent though the levels of five worlds or 125 levels.

Question: How have we discovered that our mission actually comes down to the ascent?

Answer: Being in the lowest state, we begin to feel a certain inclination to ascend upward. This inclination is called the point of the heart; it pulls us forward.

From that moment, from the moment the created being begins to feel a desire to ascend, he is considered a human being, Adam, according to his goal because he yearns for the upper point called Adam, which means to resemble the Creator (Domeh).

Thus, the thought of the creation includes five worlds, the descent of the created being downward, the creation of the soul, and finally its correction.

Question: It seems that our evolution should come to an end at a certain point?

Answer: Our evolution will come to an end and it will be quite soon. It is a constantly accelerating process. This is the reason that first space was developed and then the earth and then man. We develop in such a turbulent manner that each day is very different from the next.

The Creator created a desire to receive that develops, descends, and becomes increasingly more egoistic.

Then, when the soul is created, the desire acquires an intention. First, at the lowest point, it is an egoistic intention for my own sake.

Then the desire begins to ascend and it changes the intention to an altruistic one. The desire always changes according to the intention since in itself it is indifferent, it is just matter, all of the matter in nature.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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