Revelation Comes Only From The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar, Introduction, “The Third Commandment,” Item 204: The six words of “Hear O Israel” are six sides of ZON, and the six sides of ZON must be unified so they unite as one with the six upper sides, which are AVI and YESHSUT. And with them, the desire should be aimed upward, meaning aim the desire and the NRN to be included in them in MAN.

Everything depends on the intention during the study when we expect for the Light that Reforms to come to us from studying The Zohar and to perform these corrections in us.

We do not know how to perform them and we won’t learn it from the text. But under the Light’s influence, we will feel what we have to do, and then we will do it. We won’t find anything out from the study, but only from the Light that influences us by means of the correct study. This has to be clear.

Therefore, the intention has to be aimed at the Light rather than the knowledge because it won’t help me in the slightest to know what result will come from the merging of the Partzufim Aba and Ima in one way or another. This won’t give me anything, and besides there is no truth to these words. When the revelation comes, then we reveal things that we could not know anything about beforehand. Everything happens only by virtue of the Light.

Therefore, a person must constantly expect actions that the Light will perform inside of him so the new sensations, thoughts, and inner definitions will become revealed in him from the inside. This will be the result of the influence of the Light that Reforms. Then a person will attain.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/11, The Zohar

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