Why Does Nature Punish Us? Part 4

Laitman_703.04Question: How can relationships between people affect a volcano or an earthquake? Can an ocean find out that people on its shore have begun treating each other better and then it will calm down?

Answer: We all: inanimate nature, plants, animals, and humans belong to one system. Tsunamis and hurricanes are awakened by the same forces that are controlled by our thoughts and feelings. It is only that our mind and feelings are at a higher degree than the force that causes hurricanes. A hurricane is strong in quantity, and a person—in quality.

If we improve our relationships at the human degree by “ten grams”, getting closer to each other, then by this we weaken the hurricane at the lower degree not by ten grams, but by ten billion times. It will not cause any harm.

After all, this is one system, one level above another. We, at the human level, are at the qualitative level and the hurricane, at the inanimate level, is at the quantitative level. Its strength is in quantity, and ours is in quality, and therefore, human thought is capable of starting and stopping hurricanes. However, so far, we only start them.

Question: Can one hundred thousand people that stand on the shore stop an approaching hurricane with the force of a thought?

Answer: No. First, they do not need to stand on the ocean shore for this. The main thing is that we must reach connection and unity between us and balance the evil forces that we have with the good forces. Then at all degrees—inanimate, vegetative, and animate that are below us—balance will also be restored.

Question: Does it mean that the threat does not come from a stormy ocean, the earth that shakes beneath us, or an erupting volcano? Should we turn the force of our thoughts to them?

Answer: Not at all! We should pay attention only to ourselves, to correcting our attitudes to others. As much as this may seem fantastic, unrealistic, and unscientific, it works exactly this way.

We must learn to control our thoughts, desires, and intentions. After all, if we do not do this, then they automatically turn to the egoistic side, seeking to bring more benefit to us and more harm to others.

Question: What will the corrected person of the future be like?

Answer: The corrected person of the future will learn the skill of keeping an ideal balance with others so that he will not be above all, and they will not be above him, but they will all be friends, connected by good relationships. Thanks to this, all of nature will come to balance, and this will be called the Garden of Eden, paradise.

Question: What will people worry about when they wake up in the morning in such a Garden of Eden?

Answer: It is written that “the world acts according to its unchanging laws” and in life everything will be the same. But a person will take care of the balance between himself and all of nature, including all of humanity.

Question: Will this be a good life or will it be too boring?

Answer: Do not worry, you will have experiences, not from the problems, but from pleasant things. Instead of worrying about a call from the police, the doctor, or the school regarding your children, you will be touched by a good attitude toward you.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/10/17

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