The Law Of The World’s Management, Part 2

laitman_571.06We cannot further increase our desires—now we need to change their use. But humanity does not understand this and therefore it is all confused about what is happening.

We have entered a period in which we no longer need a big desire. Therefore, the modern generation appears to be so tired and disappointed regarding further progress. Young people do not rush to attain a career or a family; they do not want to think about the future at all, which does not make sense to anyone.

And all of this is happening because, instead of the linear law of the growth of egoism, which everyone realized by himself, a new integral law, which requires us to connect with each other has begun to come into action. Now the development of the world depends on the strength of our connection, just like the cells in a body. The more kindness and reciprocity there is in our relations with each other, the further we will advance.

We see the same tendency in the development of technology; the more complex the programs and mechanisms become and the more internal components they contain, the more perfect the devices become. Progress is taking place, not by going deeper into concrete details, but due to their greater connection. All the technological development in recent decades is based on the creation of new connections between various elements.

But in human society we are not capable of such development because we, ourselves, are its elements. And we do not want to connect with each other. Therefore, we do not understand what the law of development wants from us. This is the biggest problem of humanity today, which is caused by a lack of understanding that we have entered a new era.

Baal HaSulam calls this period “The Last Generation” because people are beginning to understand that individual egoistic development is over and further progress is possible only through the development of the right connections between us. We have to understand that we belong to one system that is operated by the law of mutual participation and understanding.

All people should feel as cells or organs of the same body, properly connected with each other. When we establish such a connection, within it we feel a common force permeating all of nature, which is called the Creator. We ourselves create it through our right connection and reveal it inside Him.

This is the predestination of a person in this world and the call of our time. Humanity must now rise to this state. The sooner we become aware of the stages that are already embedded in the program of nature and want to realize them, the kinder and more pleasant our development will be. We will understand what goal is before us and will receive the correct response of nature to all our actions.

The final state already exists in nature and we are all perfectly connected to each other in it. This system is called Adam, the first man, that is, “similar” (domeh) to the general force of nature—the force of bestowal and unity. The correct mutual connection is called love in which each one understands the other’s needs and can interact with him correctly.

To love means to know how to provide the other with what he lacks and he can give me what I lack. In this way we realize the common, integral mechanism of all humanity. We have to understand that nothing excessive is created in the world. And if we know the system, we will find a suitable place for everyone that only that unique person can fill.

When a child assembles Legos, he usually has some extra pieces left. But this is only because he does not know the whole system. However, the one who created the system knew exactly where each part of it should fit and what its true function is.

Similarly, when we learn the whole system, we will understand how much each of us is needed in it and from this we will develop the correct attitude toward each other. After all, nothing excessive has been created in the system of nature.

If we understand that, in fact, the system of nature is integral, perfect, ideally interconnected, and that we do not see this because of our egoism, this attitude is called faith above reason.

That is, I am not guided by what I see and understand now according to my development, like a child who does not know how to assemble a puzzle, but I try to find the right place for attaching each detail in order to connect them to a complete system. This is called working above reason.

Therefore, we learn, search for, and study the laws of nature. We try to get to know each other and find out how we can unite in some form. While doing this, we discover differences among us, like children who pick up pieces of a puzzle but cannot put them together.

But, along with this, it must be understood that all the pieces of this “puzzle,” each person in our time, has already grown to his final state and has no other way to develop. If we push him and force him to develop as before, then mutations and malignant forms will appear in him.

And this is exactly what we see in our society and in our children because we do not give them a proper method of connecting with each other, which should be the next stage of our development. Only after studying the laws of correct interconnection will we understand, from them, the laws governing the world and will we be able to adjust our lives.
From the Convention “The Future Begins Here” In Europe, Day One 8/25/17, “The Laws of Guidance Over the World,” Lesson 1

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