New Times, New Laws

Dr. Michael LaitmanLike little children are unable to perceive the world in front of them that is above their comprehension, so is a person, not comprehending the laws of nature, is unable to perceive anything above his own level.

This is why, existing in this world and having researched almost all its material laws, we as scientists, politicians, educated and mature people, still do not know its spiritual laws.

But there comes a time in the evolution of humanity, when we begin to be directly dependent on these laws. Straightforward evolution is ending, which only existed as a result of the growth of human ego, and egoism is beginning to “spiral into itself.” As a result, the world becomes more round, closed, and integral, like a global “small village.”

However, humanity is not aware of the spiritual laws and that is the reason for all the confusion. Not only are the ordinary people are confused, but even those who stood in power and ruled over us, they too are unable to act correctly and govern without knowing the laws of nature. Nature’s behavior today is changing and traversing from material laws to spiritual, and we do not know what to do with it.

It is as if we have lost the ability to direct our lives: family, country, nation, world, human interactions, finances, and commerce. Something strange is happening, with each day becoming more and more incomprehensible and unknown.

And that is why in our time, the wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed. It explains: “By Your actions, we will know You,” that is, it is necessary to understand the actions of the upper force, the Creator, and from it we will comprehend how today’s world behaves.

Otherwise we will suffer more and more. Nature, like a caring parent, pressures us like an unruly child, demanding that we change because otherwise we will feel bad.

The laws established in the world of Infinity, in the relationship between the Light and desire, are absolute and unchanging. The wisdom  of Kabbalah explains in what form we can connect to the Light, which is the source of life, knowledge, and fulfilment.

It is necessary to study these upper laws, without which we will not be able to continue to exist. And that is why the wisdom of Kabbalah, as a science of the attainment of the upper force, becomes today’s most important need.

There was a time when it was studied at one’s own interest, by specific chosen individuals in each generation, who were motivated to reveal the upper force in accordance with their inner calling. But today there are many people who desire to know the upper force, all its laws and behavior.

And the entire world begins to understand that our lives are impacted by new laws, new conditions, which we are not capable of organizing correctly. In our time, it’s essential to attain the upper force by its actions even for the simplest material existence.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/20/17, Lesson on the Topic: Preparation for the Convention, Part 1

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