The Manifestation Of Unintentional Desires

laitman_571_03The Torah, Deuteronomy 19:06: Lest the avenger of the blood pursue the killer, while his heart is hot, and overtake him, because the way is long, and he strikes him to death, whereas he was not deserving of death, for he had not hated him in times past.

The cities of refuge should be within reach, with good roads and with a good understanding of where to run. A person must be granted such a place.

The Torah doesn’t speak about people but about the inner world of a person, when he feels that he has unbiased, unintentional desires that drag him down to egoism and he can do nothing with them because he doesn’t control them; the Creator does.

This is exactly how the Creator manifests these desires in him. Although in principle, they are good and normal, suddenly they become deadly, kill the soul of a person, don’t allow him to connect with others, and don’t allow him to get closer and reveal the Creator within himself. This way the Creator reveals these desires to him, the involuntary, unintentional killers of his soul, and he needs to correct them.

Therefore, in the cities of refuge he corrects the desires that were revealed in him as deadly, while previously he couldn’t identify their egoistic intentions. He will be free from them in seven years, and after that it is forbidden to pursue him because he corrected his desires.

Thus, he should treat all his thoughts and motives very reasonably, in a weighted manner, understanding that everything comes only from the Creator. It is He who revealed in a person such depths of egoism that a person himself wouldn’t be able to reveal. Therefore, he sends them to the “occupation” zone where he examines and corrects them, and after a certain time of measured influence of the Upper Light on these desires, on the seventh year, he leaves the isolation zone.

There are the Light of bestowal and the Light of reception in this system, and they, by interacting with each other, play with a person and correct him more and more so that he becomes similar to the Creator. The Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) descends upon all our desires and they begin to change gradually under its influence, especially in the cities of refuge because the concentration of the desire to be corrected in these places, meaning in these desires that the Creator reveals in a person, is very strong.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/7/16

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