Difficult Spiritual Rules

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, Exodus 20:13, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

“Thy neighbor” is my friend, and together we work on mutual bestowal, and I have to be totally honest with him. To the same extent, thy neighbor is also the Creator and the teacher. This means that these three factors are essential for shaping my spiritual growth.

At the same time, they must always seem perfect to me and that I am the only one who is not perfect. This is how I always should see myself since this is the only way I will see what else needs to be corrected.

This is only psychological guidance. I reach a state where I see that everyone is corrected and that I am not, in an accurate, gradual manner through constant exercising. Everything that I see around me as negative is all inside me, and everything around me is the world of infinite wholeness. So, there is nothing to correct but myself.

Question: Should these exercises be from the easiest to the most difficult, from a close friend to a teacher and so on to the entire world? After all, it is impossible to deal with the entire world.

Answer: Yes, it is a complex system that is very different and very hard to work with. Only after a person goes through all the states with regard to the friend, the teacher, and the Creator can he work with the world. There, the relationships are more complicated but, in any case, they all add up to the same thing, except for one thing. If someone comes to “kill” you, which means that he totally cuts you off from being able to correct yourself, then you must kill him first. This is the law!

There is no time to think, “Is it good or bad; should I or shouldn’t I?” When someone comes to fight you, you must answer in the same way. These are very clear rules. In this case, “murder” is your collective correction, both for him and for you since it is very complicated to kill a person when you justify him.

It is a difficult action. It is the correction of a great psychological shattering, a tragic moment when, in order to kill him, you must kill yourself spiritually.

This means that it is a very serious problem! It is mutual correction since then you begin to accept every person as a replica of yourself, and it is as if you kill yourself. You must approach this gradually by experiencing everything while moving forward with the friends, the teacher, the Creator, and only then is it possible to approach this state.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/4/13

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