Summarizing 2016: The World Is Looking For New Ways

laitman_229Evolution moves forward, developing still, vegetative, and animate nature and humanity, each at its own pace. But the problem is that people don’t know that their development advances in accordance with the program embedded in nature.

It seems to them that they develop themselves according to their wishes. In fact, we can make plans, but the world is spinning in its own direction.

Just as in Russia they made an experiment, turning the country from feudalism to socialism for few dozens of years, and then they had to go back, because the experiment failed. Other countries have also attempted to change the course of development; there is no country that developed in a straight course. After all, nobody knows the law of nature so the development happens by such a circuitous route.

Lately the world is beginning to understand it is in  a global problem. We don’t know how to develop further because egoism exhausted itself and ceased to encourage us to develop. There is no competition that existed before. The young generation doesn’t want to live the way their predecessors did.

All the previous generations throughout the entire thousands-year-long history of humanity developed due to the fact that they wanted more and more. Today, it isn’t so; the young generation isn’t attracted to the values that their parents honored. Moreover, we can’t provide jobs for all of them.

They don’t want to study; each one is immersed in his smartphone and not interested in anything else. However, we will still have to provide them with all the necessities: clothing and food. The connection between a place of work and earnings will disappear.

First of all, there are many people who don’t work and get a lot due to the already existing causes. On the other hand, there are people who don’t work, but receive an allowance for life, consider it enough, and don’t want anything more. The connection between work and earnings is lost, and the pleasure from both has also disappeared.

A person doesn’t get any pleasure from work, earnings, family, children, or anything else. In the end, it turns out that he has no reason to live and the only thing left is drugs. So recently drugs are becoming legalized; otherwise, people will organize revolutions and riots across the country.

Question: In what direction is the world moving today?

Answer: The world is looking. But it is useless to look for new things at the old level. The world is in a global crisis. Everything is at a standstill; everything is ending because our egoism is no longer pushing us to the achievements in the material sphere. What can be done?

Here we need to understand that we can reach the nest degree of development only through unity. This is what happens in nature. It is necessary to rise!

Question: What will be the new pleasure in the new world?

Answer: The new pleasure is the revelation of the upper world, eternity, and perfection of human existence in a new dimension. It may seem unreal and imaginary, but it will happen.

A person’s internal attainment of his nature will be completely new, allowing him to escape from his body and see the world not through the limited physical sensors but above them. Then he will feel the eternal and perfect world.

Our egoism, dissatisfied with life and unable to be filled with it, will push us to this degree. We are right before this breakthrough that can be very easily implemented if we unite. Through our unity we can reach the next level of existence.

People feel that reality becomes surreal and changes, but it isn’t clear how. They can’t feel it yet because it doesn’t exist in our senses. We need to develop new sensory organs.

Question: How does this beautiful dream about the new world connect with today’s reality?

Answer: It connects perfectly because in essence, we are looking for fulfillment, we want to feel that we are perfect, elevated, and don’t live in vain. We want to exit the limits of our material body that will certainly die one day.

Kabbalah has the method that can make us eternal and perfect, can open the entire universe in front of us, and can raise us above the boundary of life and death, above all limitations.

Thus, we don’t lose anything of what we have today, but in addition, we gain perfection and eternity. It is possible, we just need to receive additional internal sensory organs to be able to exit ourselves and feel the reality located outside of us.

Question: Such a dream attracts many people, but they demand proof that it works. Can you prove it?

Answer: How can I prove it to someone who doesn’t have the spiritual sensory organs? Suppose we try to persuade a person who is blind from birth to undergo an operation in order to acquire sight. But he doesn’t understand what it means to be able to see. It seems to him that he feels everything as it is.

Likewise, it is impossible to explain to a person that he doesn’t have the perception of the external world, that it is independent of his body, and it allows him to feel eternal and perfect. It is impossible to explain this before a person acquires such perception. Let’s hope that in 2017 we will be able to convey this to people, and most importantly, to the Jews, so that they will understand their responsibilities.
From a “Talk About 2016 Results,” 12/25/16

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