Summarizing 2016: Israel

laitman_283_02Question: The Israeli economy in 2016 is like a villa in the jungle. The world is in chaos, dramatic events follow one after another.

Yet in Israel we have a record number of tourist trips abroad, purchases of new cars, economic growth above 3%, the lowest unemployment rate in the last thirty years, and at the same time, increasing disparity of income and poverty.

That is, it’s a mixed picture, but in general, the year wasn’t bad, many countries would envy it. How can we explain that the world is shaking and the economic situation in Israel isn’t so bad?

Answer: The normal calculation doesn’t apply to Israel. So far we are given a possibility to exist safely. However, this postponement will soon be over if we don’t come to our senses and understand what should be done and how the whole world depends on us. But we depend on the connection between us, not of the world.

We have an interesting situation: the world feels dependent on Israel, which poisons its life, hates Israel for this, and pressures Israel. But Israel doesn’t feel dependent on the world, and it indeed doesn’t depend on anyone because it is above. Israel aims to attract the Light, the upper force, to the entire world to provide the world with the method of correction and to bring “Light to the nations.”

We feel that we don’t depend on the world, but the world depends on us, and we are proud of it. However, the world can react very badly and it is worthwhile considering this fact. Israel should unite and show to the whole world the method of connection that only we have. The world is getting closer to the critical point, and if we don’t unite before it is reached, there will be a big explosion. Then the world will fall on Israel with great hatred and accusations.

We shouldn’t wait for this moment; we should be prepared; we should reach out to the world and explain that we have something to give it. The main industry of Israel shouldn’t be high-tech but the method of connection. Everyone is talking about the need to find some method, but they can’t, and Israel has such a method.

Comment: Donald Trump said that he wants to unite America. Everyone understands the necessity of social harmony. So far, the only uniting thing is a hatred of Israel. Fourteen countries voted against Israel in the last vote in the United Nations, and only the United States abstained. Everybody around the world welcomed this decision, everybody has united against us.

Answer: The world begins to understand that Israel is the problem. But the Jews are not aware of our obligation to the world, we don’t understand what it means to be a Jew and that people hate us because we neglect our mission specified in the Torah.

Question: How does one overcome the split between the political right and left when each of them thinks they are correct and blames another?

Answer: We need to give the method of connection to everyone and explain that nobody is right; only through connection can we rise above all the differences. There we will receive an eternal reward.

Question: What is your forecast for 2017?

Answer: I hope very much that our organization Kabbalah la’Am and the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center will be able to connect with the people even more, and explain to them that our future depends on our connection where we reveal the upper world. And in the upper world we discover a higher dimension.
From a “Talk About 2016 Results,” 12/25/16

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