Summarizing 2016: The USA

Laitman_421_01Question: 2016 brought a big change in the United States. After the elections on November 8th, the world became new, unpredictable, and unfamiliar. Nobody expected that businessman Donald Trump, who was far from politics, would win the election in his Republican Party, moreover, the presidency. To many this victory seems surreal.

These elections were the most intense and dirty in history, deeply splitting American society. People destroyed relationships with family and friends just because of political differences. America is split in two: the rural American people who wish to return America to its former strength, and neoliberals, residents of large cities, promoting their values.

Trump’s victory caused great excitement among those who voted against him. Will he be a good president for the United States and the entire world? Many people doubt it.

Answer: If Trump won the election, it means that more than half of the citizens voted for him. Why then does the second half, the neoliberals, not want to agree with this choice? They always insisted that they stood for peace and social harmony.

Now, why don’t they agree with the fact that the other half also has an opportunity to do something? They just don’t want to accept something that doesn’t fit their views. This is the only problem.

If the majority of the people chose Trump to be a president, others must agree with this choice and support him. Or don’t they agree with their own constitution?

Question: But will Trump be a good president?

Answer: We will wait and see. To me he seems likely to be a much better president than Obama who caused a lot of harm to the United States. Just look what he did in the Middle East in building the “Arab Spring.” There are continuous wars and devastation in the zone from Morocco to Pakistan.

Obama messed up US relations with Russia so much that there are talks about a third world war. Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State speaks about world war as inevitable. Is it normal?! Obama’s governance destroyed the entire industrial base of America and doubled the national debt.

Comment: Opponents warn that Trump has no experience in such work, and he can’t lead America to the correct target.

Answer: Trump knows very well what to do. People exactly like him can manage America because they don’t belong to the political system but understand money and business. I can’t call myself his fan, but I think that Trump will be a much better president than his predecessor. Indeed, judging by the damage Obama caused America and around the world, he was the worst president in history.

During his eight years in office, Obama doubled the American national debt and introduced his program “Obamacare” that didn’t work. Look how much the number of unemployed increased since the beginning of his leadership. If the American people chose Trump, all the opponents should shut up and let him work.

I think Trump won’t support the old political and economic system, which he doesn’t really depend on. He will want to bring a lot of upgrades to America and to revive many of the old virtues of America that no longer exist today.

He will probably want to return, as much as possible, the industrial foundation of America in a new updated form with extensive use of robotics. I think he will be a good “boss,” and that’s what Americans expect from him. He won’t just interfere in other countries and organize messes there like Obama did. Judging by the things that Obama did in the world, America never had such a weak president.

Question: Where is our world heading?

Answer: The world is moving in a very bad direction, and it will be very bad if the people of Israel won’t take the spiritual leadership of the world in their hands. The people of Israel must understand that they have a method of correction of the world. It is possible to make corrections in the economy, culture, education, legal system, and family through the connection between people.

Everything can change if you change the relationships between people. It all depends on the wisdom of relationships that exists in the wisdom of Kabbalah. If Israel wants to discover this method for themselves and pass it to the world, the world will certainly want to take it and to reach a new state. Without this we would have to advance to the same result, but through world war.
From a “Talk About 2016 Results,” 12/25/16

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