Trump’s Program In Light Of The Upper Governance, Part 3

Laitman_001_02Question: What exactly is the work to produce a man of the future?

Answer: Creating a man of the future is a real art, a generator of the upper force. There are power plants that produce electricity, and this will be a plant that produces the power of connection.

And it not only supplies energy to us, but also organizes our mind and the relationships between us. This is a plant for receiving a universal force. The force of connection is the only thing we require in our time.

Through our unity we awaken the positive force that connects us and corrects our relationships in the family, society, and between countries. This is absolutely necessary for us. Do you know how much we spend on defense?

Of course, if we stop producing weapons, then 99% of the population will be unemployed. But at the same time, society will have full abundance, peace, and joy. Let’s do a simple thing: make people happy by finding the positive force inside our unity!

Humanity has reached a special stage of its evolution by finishing the material development in this world. We don’t need to worry about it anymore. To the contrary, if we continue to think about it, it will bury us; this is already obvious. It turns out that now we have to think only about the development of a person and nothing else.

There still are neo-liberals, such as Hillary Clinton, who think that it is possible to continue advancing the old way and each one in the elite can earn a few more billion. But it is already clear that this path leads to a dead end.

Question: The elite want to calm people with drugs in order to remain in power. And what do you propose?

Answer: It’s not about putting people to sleep; on the contrary, for the man of the future we don’t need people disconnected from reality, but connected to it as much as possible. People must work on their connections and learn who “A Man” is and how in the connection between people a new positive force that we need so much is revealed.

We cultivate it like a flower that grows out of the ground. This is how we must reveal the positive forces inside our connections that will help human society develop. We don’t need to worry about anything other than our connection. We’ve already tested and tried all other ways. The previous development gives us nothing apart from further enrichment of the elite and the impoverishment of the masses.

In any case, the old world is falling apart in both Europe and America. The previous life won’t come back; we need to look a bit further ahead in the future. If instead of Trump, Hillary Clinton were elected, she would continue to destroy America and the whole world. Obama’s administration was very successful in this in his two terms. And of course, this wouldn’t have ended well in any case.

As a result of the election, the American people are split into two parts; half is suffering and are opposed to the second half. The elite consist of the few rare individuals, the tip of the second half, and the rest are simply confused.

People who understand the current state of the world see that it is in crisis, and neither Hillary nor Obama could resolve it. The direction they selected is absolutely wrong. This left Sanders or Trump. The same is true for Europe and any other place in the world. Sander’s politics is extremely left, while Trump’s is quite to the right.

The new American industry will produce people of the future. There are around a hundred million unemployed in America today so why not start this work with them? It will be a bloodless revolution. If Trump is capable of organizing this work, the country will no longer be split into two camps. Thus, he will attract many allies to his side.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About Trump’s Program In Light Of  The Upper Governance” 11/25/16

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