Trump’s Program In Light Of The Upper Governance, Part 2

laitman_269There is no point wasting energy trying to fix the US economy because it is impossible to bring back factories that were moved to China thirty years ago. There is no need for them for America or for the world. At present, China already has moved those factories to India.

Americans must start producing a new type of commodity, the only special products that are required worldwide, namely to produce people. This production is due to the fact that unemployed people will get jobs: they will start learning to unite.

After few months of such studies, each one will receive strong new impressions regarding what a correct “human” and a correct human society are. We need to continue this way. After all, a person has nothing else to do in this life other than generate an upper force, the most powerful force in the world that is capable of performing miracles in all of nature. All of this depends only on the connection between people.

Therefore, we shouldn’t think that this production doesn’t produce goods. We will generate a product and will be able to measure the force produced by us, the power of the connection we received and the success achieved through it that will increase day by day.

We can evaluate them according to the level of the desire, connection, restriction, and Masach (screen). These characteristics are much more accurate than our current economy with its methods of assessing work: efforts invested and results received.

There is no doubt that in this way we will achieve unlimited development. We just need to explain it to people, and, first of all, to leaders such as Trump.

There is no alternative because it is estimated that around seventy to eighty percent of the working population will be out of work in the next few years, no matter how hard we resist the introduction of robotics and automated systems. The concept of a person working to ensure his material existence is already outdated. Marx wrote about it almost two hundred years ago.

Technology has reached a level of development where ten people are able to grow crops for ten million, and others will produce the special force that stabilizes all of society and brings it to an optimal form where the ten people that are capable now of serving ten million will be able to serve ten billion.

We receive a blessing from above for everything that we do. In addition, we are beginning to understand to what extent we need this. We realize that we should confine ourselves to rational consumption in order not to poison the environment. We are learning to unite human society and, by this, to save energy and money and eliminate suffering, wars, and terrorism.

We don’t need to go to the terrorists and conduct lectures for them. Through attracting the common Light, the common force, we calm down all of the disturbances. It is not necessary to deal partiicularly with Pakistan or ISIS. If we take care of the common correction, all of these hot spots will suddenly calm down. Terrorists will suddenly feel that they should treat people with more kindness.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About Trump’s Program In Light Of  The Upper Governance” 11/25/16

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