Summarizing 2016: Terrorism

Laitman_408Question: These are just some of the cities that were victims of terrorism in the year 2016: Brussels, Istanbul, Orlando, Nice, Munich, Tel-Aviv, Berlin, and Zurich. There no longer remain places on the face of the Earth where you can feel completely safe.

The new faces of terrorism: trucks crashing into crowds, as happened in Nice and in Berlin, child-terrorists—12-year-old children blowing themselves up, not to mention the tragedy that is happening in Syria and Iraq. Where are we headed, a world of terrorism?

Answer: I would not call this terrorism but a third world war that is developing in this form. We imagine war as battles between armies, but today we try not to bring the situation to this point because this would signify the end of our planet.

So, war has taken on a new form: local military operations and terrorism. This is the way that humanity discharges excess tension and aggression. It used to be that nations would go to war against each other; today the world is becoming integral, everything has become so mixed together that it impossible to determine who is against whom with certainty.

Question: What awaits us in 2017?

Answer: I think that in 2017 humanity will unite more against terrorism: England, Germany, all of Europe as a whole, Russia, and the United States will find a common language between them for combatting terrorism. Terrorism will be the reason that will help them to unite.
From a Talk About 2016 Results 12/25/16

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