Summarizing 2016: Europe

Laitman_419Question: 2016 was a time of great turmoil in Europe. In Britain, the “Brexit” referendum resulted in the decision to exit the European Union, after which British Prime Minister Cameron resigned.

Italian Prime Minister Renzi resigned after the Italian people rejected his proposed constitutional changes. Are we facing a new world order or, at least, a new order in Europe?

Answer: It is obvious to everyone. The world is disappointed with neoliberalism. The European Union was not a unification of people, but a union of banks, industry, and billionaires around the world. They pretended that the connection between financiers is the connection between everyone.

In fact, there was no connection. The oligarchs bought the media, and they, during past twenty years, brainwashed all of humanity so much that it doesn’t know where it is. The government is also in their hands, as well as the army. People who don’t belong to the financial elite live by the facts the TV channels impress upon them. Therefore, we see the world in such a state.

On the one hand, human society is developing in the direction jointly defined by the ruling elite. On the other hand, there is a natural development of the world according to the program of nature. The gap between the two paths has become so large that it is impossible to withstand it further. Then this state explodes and a revolution or a war occurs in order to somehow restore the order.

Today, such a revolution is happening in the world. However, it is no longer private, as it was once in France, in England, and in Germany. That is, it isn’t a cultural, political, or commercial revolution, but a global revolution, covering the whole world, because the whole world has become interconnected.

I think the governments will be, to some extent, replaced all over Europe, and then much more profound changes will follow. The world must bring itself into equivalence with nature, and if it delays this, the balance will be restored by a civil or world war.
From a “Talk About 2016 Results,” 12/25/16

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