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laitman_627_2In the News (BBC):Humanoid robots, with cultural awareness and a good bedside manner, could help solve the crisis over care for the elderly, academics say.

“An international team is working on a £2m project to develop versatile robots to help look after older people in care homes or sheltered accommodation.

“The robots will offer support with everyday tasks, like taking tablets, as well as offering companionship.

“Academics say they could alleviate pressures on care homes and hospitals. …

Comment: People have always thought that by helping the elderly, they are carrying out a function of kindness and mercy, charity.

My Comment: Almost no characteristic of kindness and mercy have been discovered among people today. Care for the elderly is a lot of work and is difficult. Nobody wants to be involved with it and if they do, it is only in exchange for higher pay. But not everyone can afford to pay lots of money.

So in order to provide normal care for the elderly, it is specifically necessary to develop robotic technology and make it possible for everyone to acquire help like this.

Question: Would this type of help limit a person in performing good deeds?

Answer: No, room will always remain for people to help, but when an elderly person requires care 24 hours a day, then of course you need a multifunctional robot that can even read stories. This is our future—to be in the hands of a machine like this.

Question: What kind of a future can a person who is pushed into work like this expect?

Answer: That person must replace himself with robots for all worldly occupations except for involvement with his spirituality. He must work on correcting himself and engage only in attaining the upper world and bringing its higher conduct closer to us. In this way we will enter another system in which only we can be, not robots.

This is the real work, we must carry it out, and we will carry it out, nature will obligate us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/1/17

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