A Burning Question And The Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: The method of correcting the relationships between people, which is the remedy for every illness, nullifies all of modern medicine.

My Comment: But we don’t need it either. The current health care system doesn’t care about a person, but only about itself. The media conveys information that arouses fear, and no one cares about people.

What is the actual problem? Humanity has long reached such a level in its development that it can fully provide for all its needs. This was true in the 70s of the last century, but everything has come to a halt since the questions of “What’s next?” and “Why should we go on living?” have come up.

But man didn’t think about that and new problems have to be created in order to make it will be clear that we live in order to solve them. Otherwise such questions will come up and will make both the elite and our leaders feel bad.

Thus everything began to revolve around creating different imaginary needs, and health issues are not imaginary at all. Consequently, medicine has gradually reestablished itself by creating new symptoms, so that by using medicines that help heal certain symptoms, people will stay busy spending money on medicines and traveling from place to place in order to seek treatment, etc.

Question: Was this scenario laid in advance? Did people consciously examine this option in advance?

Answer: Of course. We can see advertising on TV for products that are 99% absolutely unnecessary. We have no need even for the one percent that is left, but we only think that we need them. After all, we have become used to advertising, are nourished by it, and the ideas it sells us have already become an inherent need. Therefore, we look for what else we can buy. We cannot manage without these things anymore, just like a drug addict who cannot manage without drugs. We are used to being obliged to watch commercials and implement what they advertise.

A few years ago I was in the hospital after a car accident and I saw how patients behave. One of them constantly spoke to the doctors like they were old friends. When I asked him why he spoke to them that way he answered proudly that he had had 12 operations. It is as if he wanted to say, “Look I am your loyal patient, I am yours!” and subconsciously, they treated him as if he was one of theirs—”He is one of ours!”

This means that it reached the state that they were making a living off one another. It is just like cops and robbers who cannot manage without each other. The police have to solve crimes or conspiracies and therefore cooperate with the mafia so that it will give them some clues or sacrifice one of its accomplices. The police arrest the victim and present it as their achievement, but usually it is the mafia that gives them the lead.

It is the same here. It has become a custom, and it is very interesting to observe the beautiful work of the ego from the outside.

Society imposes its values on us and feeds us these values as if they are a business dinner. They teach us to love, have children, raise them, build, play societal games, consume certain medicines and to be connected in a certain manner. It is all based on the notion of how to fill our day with worries, work, tasks, and not allow us time to think about the meaning of life.

But humanity has already developed to the point where this issue becomes vital. In order to make sure that we don’t engage in it, the authorities have denied us of all our free time, down to the very last moment.

The point is that the question about the meaning of life is much greater. If a person doesn’t find this answer, he becomes so depressed that he cannot overcome it. He doesn’t feel pleasure in anything: not in food, sex, family, his children, in nothing. Therefore the elite suppresses this question.

But the time has come to reveal the meaning of life to the masses. On one hand, it is as if we are playing on the edge. But on the other hand, we say nice things such as, “Let’s live in unity, let’s begin to love one another so that everything will be good.”

The wisdom of Kabbalah is not intended to arouse revolutionary passions in any one, neither in the elite nor in ordinary people. It doesn’t call people to fight but offers to make a soft revolution in a peaceful manner. This is the true spring, when after the long frost, after the inner emptiness, the gradual return to life begins.

Question: Will the elite agree to that?

Answer: The leaders will also change along with the masses, since we all change together. They will begin to realize that, first of all, the environmental situation doesn’t allow us to remain on the same level. We can see what is happening to us.

Disrupting the ecological balance involves a much greater imbalance of the whole earth. No one knows how many billions of dollars have been invested this year and are still being invested in order to overcome the environmental disasters all over the world.

Along with ecological and climate problems, we will also encounter nutritional problems since we have polluted the soil even at the level of thoughts and feelings. But when the authorities begin to change, they will see that everthing has a limit and it is nature that limits us.

They will realize that we have to acquire a totally new perception, and instead of money that has lost its value, a new coin will appear that is related to the communication between people.

Money is a method of connection that emphasizes how much greater you are and how small I am compared to you, and how we can satisfy each other’s needs. In Hebrew the word “money” (Kesef) stems from the word “cover” (Masach), which means that I cover the difference between us.

New methods of communication between people will emerge instead of relationships that are based on money. They will become popular, because society itself will begin to change. If it were only the environment that changed, we would still remain the same puppets and the authorities would continue to endlessly play with us. But because everyone will change, the perception will also change, and the authorities will operate in a totally different manner.

I believe that this will happen in the near future and I hope to see at least the beginning of this change. This is what I am living for.

We assist in the hastening of time. Our ideas automatically flow into society since we are an integral part of it. Accordingly we hasten the development of the elite as well.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/18/14

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