Work Will Be Given To Programmed Robots

laitman_568_01Opinion (Bill Gates, American business magnate, philanthropist, investor, computer programmer): “Speaking at Washington, D.C. economic think tank The American Enterprise Institute, Gates said that within 20 years, a lot of jobs will go away, replaced by software automation… .

“Gates believes that the tax codes are going to need to change to encourage companies to hire employees, including, perhaps, eliminating income and payroll taxes altogether. He’s also not a fan of raising the minimum wage, fearing that it will discourage employers from hiring workers in the very categories of jobs that are most threatened by automation.”

My Comment: Gates believes that in this way layoffs will be prevented, unemployment will become hidden, i.e., people will be attached to their jobs, which will prevent the decomposition of society—what we see today in the immigrant districts, where people live on welfare.

Kabbalah believes that it is necessary to involve everyone in the method of Integral Education and Upbringing to correct human nature. After all, this is what the law of our development requires of us.

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