Resistance To The Wisdom Of Kabbalah, Part 5

laitman_254.03Question: Resistance to Kabbalah began back in the time of the Baal Shem Tov, and was provoked by the appearance of many related misconceptions: the Sabbatean movement, when Sabbatai Zevi declared himself a Messiah, Frankism, etc.

They used the Ari’s method and made a surrogate out of it, which attracted a lot of people to them. This caused fears against the Ari’s method and Kabbalah in general until today. How can these historical stereotypes be dispelled?

Answer: If you are looking for an excuse for accusing a movement you do not like, you can always find one. It is the same as when anti-Semites accuse Jews of all possible and impossible sins. It is the same aspiration to oppose the power of bestowal.

Is the Ari’s method to blame for the fact that Sabbatai Zevi took several proposals from it? There are many fictional theories supposedly based on Kabbalah: medical practices, cameos, magic symbols, notes, blessings. All of them use some terms from Kabbalah to show that they allegedly have power.

But we understand that there is no power in them, and eventually this emptiness will unfold, if not in this generation, then in the next one. All false stories die, except true Kabbalah. Kabbalists continue practicing the same method at all times, adjusting it to their generation and passing it on.

Baal HaSulam revealed the Ari’s method to the point that it had never been revealed before, and thus, wrote the Talmud Eser Sefirot, which is a commentary on Ari’s “Tree of Life” and also  The Sulam Commentary on The Book of Zohar. It is impossible to elaborate more on this method. And Rabash revealed work in a group for us, which had not been done before. Even the leader of Hasidism the Baal Shem Tov did not leave behind a single book about his methods.

By studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, we follow the methods of Baal HaSulam, and we use Rabash’s method to implement it in work in the group. If someone does not agree with this, then he will always find an excuse for accusations. But there are no other Kabbalistic books that describe a clear Kabbalistic method.

Ultimately, all resistance to Kabbalah is in favor of Kabbalists and only does harm to the accusers themselves. Criticism, published by ill-wishers, turns into another form of spreading Kabbalah. Gradually it becomes clear that opponents of Kabbalah have no idea about it and are not in spiritual attainment, and therefore, all their accusations are far-fetched.

Their attitude will not change, but will become even tougher as we approach the end of correction. This is called the “war with Amalek” when we spread the law of love of one’s neighbor as oneself, which is taught by the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah appeals only to unity. We implement it through practical work in groups of ten, as Moses once did. The method of unification, which we obtained from Kabbalists allows us to reveal an upper force between us. Man exists in this world for this very purpose.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/17, Lesson on the Topic: “The Resistance to Kabbalah”

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