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Preface to the book of #Zohar: It’s clear to any sensible person that what we see is not the world, but a reflection of our own qualities.

We keep trying to change the world in vain. Kabbalah: The world is a reflection of our qualities—by changing yourself, you change the world!

Imagine a TV announcement: whoever doesn’t attain #love of others by the year X will be destroyed. That’s the condition embedded in nature!

Instead of destroying what’s “wasteful” or “harmful,” we must realize the #solution lies in the correct combination of all things

#Kabbalah: the method to reveal the Creator. Rule 1: Always see the Creator acting in you, behind every thought & desire. He is your root!

Kabbalah: the method to reveal the Creator. Rule 2: Relate to the #good & the bad equally well, because everything comes from the Creator.

Kabbalah: the method to reveal the Creator. Rule 3: I am the point of sensation. Everything outside (my body, world) stems from the Creator

From the Creator, the world of infinity, the light of good comes down to us. But if we can’t accept it correctly, it leads to all the woes.

“Religion” means the method of attaining love for everyone. Everything else is a distortion of religion by the human #ego.

Everything happening in the #world comes from One source, and only so that we hear and understand what He’s saying to us.

Because the world is inside us, the #Torah (religion) only speaks of personal correction in, “Love your neighbor,” & not external actions.

World shows us our qualities, like a mirror. The #evil you see in the world is in you. Don’t grouse at the world, ask to correct yourself.

From Twitter, 11/1/17

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