Does Psychology Help In Kabbalah?

laitman_547.04Question: I know from my experience that studying Kabbalah is very helpful in the work of a psychologist. Does a professional knowledge of psychology and psychiatry help or hinder advancement in the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: It doesn’t help at all. Either you are dealing with standard reactions that go on in the beast called a “human being” and trying to balance these with the influences that it receives in this world, or you are dealing with the upper world. It is one of the two.

I do not know what you mean by “Kabbalah” and how you can use it, I also do not want in any way to diminish your spiritual degree. It could be that you have an initial theoretical knowledge that helps you adapt to reality, but psychology speaks about how to get along in this world, while the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about how to rise up from this world.

It is the same thing with physicists. I often meet with scientists and am interested in all the achievements, but in general we have nothing to say to each other because we have different instruments for perceiving the world.

I can’t imagine how a psychologist could use Kabbalah in daily, practical work. Maybe only by telling a person that everything that acts on you comes from the Creator, so don’t worry everything will be fine.

 However, this is Kabbalistic psychology. It is not intended to calm a person down, but rather, advance the person.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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  1. or………a psychologist who studied this material might realize that the lack of understanding of the ego and how it controls a person, and… ones understanding of the true relationship with his/her surroundings, affects his/her development on a higher level???
    ..and as for the physicist the most fundamental of all levels aren’t we all one thing?
    beyond the mathematical equations and concepts doesn’t kabbalah deal with what that actually means? practically that is….if one could actually somehow comprehend how this is actualized wouldn’t that assist in the rise?

    Actually kabbalah could be useful in many fields…

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