Wishes For 2017

laitman_240Question: In the future will there be more people who have attained spirituality?

Answer: Ultimately all people will reach the spiritual state. My wish for you is that you will attain it in 2017.

But don’t rely on various predictions or astrological forecasts. Don’t believe in any other future than the one you create for yourselves; even though you really want to believe in it, no other kind of future exists.

Everything depends only on the unity between us. We can arrange everything such that it will truly be good for everyone. Humanity is doing everything except for one thing; it is not advancing toward unity. Our role is to prove to the whole world that we only require correct, equal, simple unity.

In the meantime, we are not going this way, and the ground slips from under our feet. We see what is happening today. Soon nobody will be working, there will be no need, neither to work nor to earn money.

I hope that in the coming year this situation will become clear to us and we will finally build the right society, rise a bit higher above our prejudices, and understand that all of us are fragments of one single soul. If we connect them, a collective soul called Adam will be created that will already exist in another dimension, on another level, in eternity and wholeness. That is what I wish for everyone.

I very much hope that this year will enlighten us and will make it possible for us to understand more sharply what is happening, where we are, and what is happening with us through our dull, smoky and “thick-headed” intellect. Then there will no longer be a need to explain anything to anyone. Everything will be clear to everyone.

Let’s try to dispel the fog in our hearts and minds and to be closer to each other! Here’s to health, success, and a future that we build for ourselves!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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