Miracles Don’t Happen

Laitman_632_2Question: Can a Kabbalist insert power and pass it through a corporeal object?

Answer: There are no miracles in nature. All the actions that Kabbalists perform, which we read about in Kabbalah books, are only actions in the upper world. In our world there are only physical laws that operate and nothing else! Therefore, don’t invent any miracles, and there have never been any.

Don’t translate the spiritual language into corporeal language according to concepts that you seemingly understand, like bread and water, for example, are the attribute of Hassadim. It is better to immediately begin to study how to penetrate the right structure of the language, which is only about your attributes, about bestowal, receiving, and how to be more connected with each other in order to discover what the book says.

Not one word in the sources refers to our world, because this world is all that we feel in our ego! If the ego did not exist, we wouldn’t feel this world. When we correct ourselves, we begin to feel our world in attributes, actions, and mutual altruistic relations, and then we also easily understand the Kabbalsitic language. Our world and its physical laws exist as long as we are in our egoism. When there is no ego, this world will disappear.

The only miracle in our world is when a person ceases to care about himself and begins to care about others.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/24/16

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