On The Verge Of A Bright Future

laitman_291Question: What kind of a future is expected for us in 2017?

Answer: A Bright Future! Humanity will finally understand that the wisdom of Kabbalah is a method for the existence of the world and its development. It tells about the goal of the forces that manage it, about ways to go to a level of managing and understanding them, and where they are leading us.

We need to see the light and become a bit more mature with an expanded method of understanding the world. I hope that the year 2017 will give us this opportunity and people will see that this is the destiny for all of us.

We need to move to a new dimension and begin to feel what astrophysicists talk about today: we are living in a world that is much more complex than what we assume.

We need to understand it, become much more diversified, and not focused every moment on getting minimal pleasure, but to rise a bit higher above our nature. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah makes possible for us. But to do this, we must find interest and patience for it. I hope this year will help us to do that.

And we who study the wisdom of Kabbalah need to go out to the public with a more understandable, closer, softer, friendlier explanation so that people will understand us. We need to bring them the method for attaining a good and eternal life. After all, the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals a completely different scope of existence.

We are waiting for you, not only we, but all of humanity. Come, help, and see that the next year will be completely different, better.

Question: What must we strive for in 2017?

Answer: Unity, to an understanding of one another. But this is only possible after at least an elementary familiarity with the wisdom of Kabbalah. I wish this for all of us. Good luck and a good year!
From a webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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