New Life 798 – Differences In Sensory Perception

New Life 798 – Differences In Sensory Perception
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

There are differences in people’s perception of reality, as there are differences in tastes.

The five senses are characterized by the distance from what is perceived: sight is the sense that perceives from the greatest distance and touch is the sense that perceives from the closest distance since it involves contact.

There are waves beyond what our senses perceive. We are surrounded by infinite Light, by unlimited waves, but we perceive through the limitations of our senses.

Our instruments of perception are operated by our desire, by a sense of lack. We can develop our desire to unlimited dimensions by changing our attitude to other people. If reality becomes more important to me than myself, my perception expands, just like a mother who feels her baby. What we feel through our senses operates on our desire, and this is how an experience is created.

It is impossible to penetrate another person and to feel how he actually perceives reality since our internal nature is concealed from us; a person doesn’t even really know himself. No matter how much we try, we have no access to a person’s internality; we don’t know how and there is nothing to investigate about ourselves. We have to study the upper nature, the upper operating system, and to be like it.

Even if we could assemble all the senses of all the animals together in ourselves, we would end up with nothing more than an elaborate animal.

The method of developing our perception is called the wisdom of Kabbalah; it teaches us how to perceive unlimited waves. To perceive the unlimited reality, a person needs a new receiver to receive what is external to him, not what is inside him.
From KabTV’s “New Life 798 – Differences In Sensory Perception,” 12/6/16

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