How To Pull The World Out Of The Ocean Of Lies

Currently our world is going through a unique process of rethinking everything that has been achieved through the course of human history and we see what a deceitful society man has made. We are deceived and lied to from all the sides.

The media is bought by the rich elite and doesn’t broadcast a word of truth. The rulers of the world run their personal business without any concern for others, doing nothing for the good of the people but only for their own good.

This is beginning to unfold now, in our days. Humanity has grown and is passing through a very difficult realization, a revision of the entire human society. This is a call of the time.

That’s why I supported Donald Trump so much in the elections and after them.

There is nothing special about him, but he is a symbol of a new time, a new revision. We see how one extreme line in the world gives birth to another extreme line: extra liberalism gives birth to the ultra-right-wing currents, Nazism. And scrutiny happens in the middle between them.

That is why media and governments are subjected to such criticism, mutual accusations are pouring from all sides. The people will understand who is controlling them, whom they elect for the leadership of the country, and will see all the deceptiveness of the mass media and large public organizations. In fact, everyone cares only about himself, and uses the ordinary person.

This is a recognition of evil that the people couldn’t achieve before. Previously, they still believed in the beautiful words and remained more or less calm.

As a result of this revision, we will understand that the entire human society has sunk into lies and is unable to build the right state. After all, it itself generates such governments, organizations, unions, educational systems, and media.

Therefore, society itself is in need of education.

Only after integral education will society be able to give birth to such organizations that will act for the benefit of the people. And without this preliminary preparation, society will always create either ultra-left or ultra-right alliances, in other words, ultra-egoistic ones in one direction or another.

Kabbalists explain this to the world in order to gradually bring this to people’s consciousness. This doesn’t relate to politics. The wisdom of Kabbalah is now being revealed to all of humanity in order to pass the method of correction to it. Therefore, the direction of the world’s development is very important. I see in Donald Trump’s coming to power a sign for good development, compared with Obama’s course.

Soon, the ultra-liberal leaders will be replaced in Europe as well. It is about the stages of the revelation of evil that humanity undergoes. Personally, I do not have any preferences for any parties. I look at the situation from the point of view of its usefulness to the necessary corrections that human society must undergo.

People think that Kabbalah is a theory that talks only about the Creator and the distant upper worlds. But this isn’t so because it is known that Baal HaSulam wrote an article “The Last Generation” about the structure of the future society and met with Ben Gurion.

We live at a time when the wisdom of Kabbalah is already intended for the entire generation, and therefore it is very important in which direction the development will go. Therefore, it is worthwhile to help people to find out. In fact, Kabbalah has no connection with politics. If I give any assessments, it is not from the political point of view, but only from the point of view of Kabbalah, that is, from the way upper forces act in human society and move the world to correction.

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