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laitman_229Question from Facebook: On one hand, you say that humanity will unite one way or another and that there will be no borders, and on the other hand, you say that everyone needs to live within their own borders and educate the people. Which political views do you side with, the left or the right?

Answer: None. I understand where nature is leading us and I advise everyone to study and to explore this inclination and to actually adhere to it because it is impossible to go against nature.

Comment: According to the person who is asking this question, nature is on the extreme left because the world is advancing toward unity in any case…

My Response: Nature cannot be on the extreme left. It unites us above all the differences since it operates according to the principle that “love will cover all transgressions.” This means that opposite parties need to discover, understand, and appreciate all the transgressions correctly and to work seriously despite the negative attributes each side has, and thus, build between them the right system of connection until they reach actual love.

Our original nature is to hate each other. If we dig a bit deeper, we can identify this problem. Each of us is an absolute individualist who originated and descended from a special separate root of the general system. Therefore we are totally different and opposite from each other. We have to learn to establish a connection above all the differences and disagreements between us, as if we build a second floor above us. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us these rules.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/30/16

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