Why I Comment On The News

laitman_600_02Comment: Lately you sound like a political commentator and not a Kabbalist.

Answer: In our shared cultural development we have reached the end of the previous stage of human development, a stage in which humanity evolved according to natural law, through its continually growing egoism, like a little child or adolescent.

But just as the period of childhood ends, so also this period is ending, and today nature is forcing us to grow up and relate to life differently. For this, it is up to us to work against our egoistic desires and rise above them with faith above reason.

To realize this transition from childhood to adulthood, the wisdom of Kabbalah has been revealed and tells us where we are, what happened throughout history, and what will happen in the future. Beginning from this moment, we have before us two ways of development: the way of suffering or the way of Torah, the good way. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to walk in the good way, which means learning to resemble nature and unite like all of nature is united.

The integral feeling will unveil before us the true world in which we exist. But now it is hidden by our narrow egoistic feeling. By discovering the true world we will be “creators” of another eternal and perfect world.

Since this transition is imperative for everyone and must happen in our time, as is written in the wisdom of Kabbalah and according to everything that is happening in the world, it seems that we must teach the wisdom of Kabbalah with news events, and explain what the events are caused by and toward what they are leading us.

It is possible to see my commentaries from previous years and be convinced about how right they are. Even Baal HaSulam wrote about politics in the writings of “The Last Generation” and in the newspaper, The Nation.

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