What Will Be The Way: Long Or Short?

laitman_547_05From “The Crisis and Its Solution” (Arosa Forum 2006)

How does humanity realize the need to become similar to nature? They will come to it from hopelessness and from the realization of egoism as evil! One can advance toward the realization of evil by choosing the path of suffering or the short path of correction.

However, the path of suffering is not the path; this is just an amount of time that is needed for the realization of all the horrible consequences of one’s stubbornness and egoism.

Nevertheless, one can choose a short and easy path of correction: if a person receives knowledge about the world’s structure, causality, and purpose, he accelerates his realization of evil and does not need to realize egoism as evil under the influence of sufferings.

Humanity is gradually advancing to the understanding that it is necessary to adhere to the middle line. Today, it is clearly evident from the clashes that occur between the left and the right in human society. An example of this is the United States after the recent elections. In Europe, too, will soon begin a ruthless struggle between the ultra-right (Nazi) parties and the ultra-left liberals.

We won’t reach peace this way because each one wants to defeat the other. Both don’t understand that there must be a middle line between them that is based on their connection and common goal. The world doesn’t have this method yet, and therefore, it will lead either to war or to continuous struggle.

The struggle won’t end until both sides realize that throughout the general structure of creation, there have to be the right and the left sides and the middle line between them. And it is necessary to know how to build it.

Until this happens, they will continue to fight with each other. This struggle between the right and the left resembles the period of formation of the planet Earth. At first, the forces of fire were winning and everything was burning, then the forces of cooling were winning, and the glaciation began.

So the periods of warming and cooling alternated every thirty million years until the Earth finally stabilized and reached the middle line, or the middle state.

Today, we still live on the volcano because inside the Earth, everything is burning, there is tremendous energy. Yet, we live on the thin layer of the Earth’s crust that covers all of it from above. The same thing happens everywhere; any life appears as a result of the interaction between these two opposite forces.

Therefore, we need the recognition of evil and its correction through balancing it with the good forces. However, the good and evil must be balanced and equal, and must complete each other because this is the only way to reach the middle line. After all, only in the middle line is it possible to advance from one degree to another, from the beginning to the end of the spiritual path.

In essence, the difference between all the degrees is in the greater and greater revelation of our egoism, the desire to enjoy, which obliges us to build the right line against it in order to reach the middle line.

The long way is when we learn from our own mistakes, without the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah and without knowing how to build the middle line and how to organize society in advance so we would learn, as in the laboratory, how to create a correct mutual connection between all.

If we try to do so, we can take a short, perfect, comfortable, and kind path with the wise leader ahead. If we don’t, we face a path of great sufferings. Baal HaSulam said that we’ve entered the era of Mashiach.

Now we discover that humanity is seeking its path and doesn’t know where to advance further. These are the clear signs of the era of the Mashiach (the Messiah) that will become more and more clear.

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