Two Forces That Create A Human Being

laitman_232_08In general, our developmental process is about expansion and consolidation (“breathing”) that combines both forces. They oppose each other and at the same time preserve mutual harmony.

The same natural mechanism can be applied to human relationships. We too feel detachment and closeness, cooling down and burning.

Thus, we go through the same developmental forms as the universe. The difference is that we are at a higher level of consciousness. It is obvious that we cannot “devote ourselves” only to one of these major forces since we won’t survive by only inhaling or only exhaling.

Life is a contrast of opposites. If everything is good and wonderful, if sweetness is not punctuated by at least a drop of spice or bitterness, we lose the sense of taste and fail to find the essence in life. It is an unbearable condition.

Only a combination of both forces (positive and negative) gives us a correct sensation and then a spark of life surfaces between them. Otherwise, everything vanishes, dissolves in monotony.

Question: How do both forces, the processes of expansion and consolidation, manifest in the history of humanity?

Answer: On one hand, we settled throughout the world, we are separate and detached from each other, we hate others, and fight with them. We go beyond the former boundaries of the previous limitations, no longer wishing to observe them, we break our agreements, contracts, unions, thus “liberating” ourselves of our responsibilities.

The force that pushes us towards this kind of behavior is egoism. The higher it is, the less we are willing to be connected with anybody or anything. Nor do we want to owe anything to anyone.

On the other hand, the force of consolidation and togetherness also impacts us, making us connect and group together, promoting a feeling that we need each other, forcing us to look for the reasons to unite, find parallels, and experience closeness.

There is a reverse opportunity: the force of expansion opens our hearts to the entire world, whereas the force of consolidation comes out of the egoism and makes us seek personal benefit in connecting with others.

Everything depends on which one of these two forces form our world outlook: bad or good.

One way or the other, it is the interaction between both forces that originates a sensation of life in us. That’s why it is very important to balance these energies out so that both of them are oriented toward the right direction.

For example, we are prone to idealizing our fantasies about a “correct” couple that resembles two “doves.” However, in the real world, families are usually based on conflicts. They need “spice” without which their marriage becomes bland; it is about “logs” that should be added to the fire of love.

So, both forces have to be fully implemented; although, both of them should lead to achieving one, unified goal. Their combination has to be based on equilibrium and provide maximal effectiveness that comes from a joint power.

Question:  How can we create and maintain the balance between the two forces?

Answer: We should settle on one goal for both of them.

In essence, they are the forces of bestowal and receiving, attraction and repulsion. It is not important, at which level or in what sphere they are implemented—whether it is mechanics, electricity, or other fields of human activities.

At this time, we are talking about the influence of both forces inside us and among us, at a sensual level. Accordingly, we should balance out the intensity of our egoism with the altruistic force of bestowal.

Initially the force of reception dominates us: We want to attract and have in our possession everything that might be beneficial for us. Moreover, we don’t want others to have anything that is good for us. This is our original, genuine state. We should find ways to balance this bad force.

Our efforts to equalize the bad force within us will lead us to a system in which we maintain an internal harmony as a healthy cell of an organism. Together, vigorous cells replenish each other and take good care of their neighbors. If this happens, we are allowed to receive so that we can further benefit others.

Thus, we are forming a general organism, all parts of which are integrally connected. We generate a new “body,” a new life at the speaking level, above the inanimate, vegetative, and animate.

In other words, the human level is not about us the way we are today. At this time, we only occupy the top of the animate level. When we build a correct system, it will be called “a Man” (Adam). To the extent it contains both forces that are balanced with each other, we’ll start sensing nature in more depth and breadth.

Question: What do we lack today to be able to create a system that is adequate for the human level?

Answer: There is a deficiency of the bestowing force. At this time only the will to receive is acting in us.

Currently, we are transitioning from the animate level to a human level. However, it is only a force of receiving that we cultivate. Any of our bestowing actions are meant only to receive more and more. If not for that, we would not be able to give away anything at all.

So, no matter what we do, everything about us is just receiving, whether it is obvious or hidden. The will to receive rules everything, whereas we don’t have the force of bestowal at all.

However, if we find the way to generate a force of bestowal among us, to balance out the energy of receiving with the power of bestowal and then maintain the balance between both forces, they will turn us into a new creature called a “Man.” A new type of consciousness will grow in us. It will be built on both forces that allow us to form a system of bestowal above the receiving structure. When we manage to build both systems, we’ll sense the upper level of nature, the speaking level.

Today, we haven’t yet reached this level. We lack the second part of it, the force of bestowal. As a result, we cannot actually be connected and now we resemble a bunch of nuts in a sack that are held together only with the help of the external pressure; otherwise, they would just scatter.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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