A Contradiction That Brings Balance

Laitman_707To date, studies about the evolution of the Earth make it possible to conclude that everything has been managed through extension and connection. Extension is “widespread” dispersion, whereas connection means communication, the joining of parts.

These two forces are acting in our world and must be balanced. During evolution and the correct integration between them, these forces stabilize very complex systems, which then evolve on a basis of extension and connection from their side. One cannot be without the other.

From the side of nature, this program works in perfect harmony between dispersion and unification of the parts. Yet the human inserts many distortions into the process.

Everything is based upon balance between expansion and contraction, cooling and warming, and upon other phenomena that are derived from those basic forces. They also acted at the time of the creation of the Earth’s crust when fire broke out from under it. And then after that as well when the Earth again cooled and became solid.

This cycle continued until balance was created: heat gathered within the Earth, cooling created a hard envelope and made possible the evolution of vegetative and animate life forms. One way or another these forces were designed to create a particular kind of connection such that warming and cooling cooperated between them in a balanced way. So where is all of this said to be leading? What must be our next state?

Here we come to a surprising thought. Humans are living in human society; in this they differ from the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate. From a social aspect we are becoming a single, global humanity in which everything is integrally connected to everything else.

This means that we apparently must protect and build a balance between the two forces: a centrifugal force (that flees from the center outward), which distances us from one another, and the centripetal force directed towards the center, connecting us with one another. These two factors, outward and inward, must be in balance.

Even if one of them occasionally overcomes the other, this is how we advance in our development, moving one foot and then the other. But in any case, keeping a balance between the two forces is incumbent upon us.

And herein lies the problem. We actually do use the connecting force and the distancing force, but we exploit them egoistically. For example, I am ready to connect with others to beat someone or get something. In other words, we connect not for the purpose of evolution, but to derive benefit from the struggle between us.

The truth is that we also see constant struggle in nature, yet on our human level the conflicts are no longer managed instinctively. Here it is up to us to integrate these two basic forces in a different manner, connecting with each other. This is speaking about building an absolutely different human species: the new society.

First of all, our general human unification must be complete and absolute. It must utilize all the forces of distancing, separation, hatred , etc.

In principle, this connection is designed to create from human society all over the world a single whole that will live on another level of understanding and attainmen as a single entity, as one body. And then we will be “cells” of this collective “body” and will feel a new, higher form of existence than when each one of us was separate. This is the conclusion that we can draw from what we see today.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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