The Book Of Zohar As A Guide To Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar speaks exclusively about the connection among all elements of the general system. After descending, Malchut of the world of Infinity that includes the entire world of Infinity with its four stages of the distribution of the direct Light is given to us so that we do our work in the upper system, in the realms where a genuine creation (the soul) dwells.

The soul is shattered and it has to re-emerge with its broken parts. For that, it has to ascend through the worlds, and after it unifies with the worlds, the soul and the worlds return to HaVaYaH, to the four stages of direct Light.

The Book of Zohar, as well as other Kabbalistic sources, describes what one attains as a result of one’s spiritual exertion. Kabbalists disclose only what they actually reveal on their path.

In the sciences of our world, for example, physics, there are books explaining material laws, textbooks. There are numerous popular non-fiction books that describe the history of physics. They depict how major discoveries in physics were made, how the laws that were discovered centuries ago help scientists come up with current innovations, etc. When we read these books, it is as if we follow the routes of physicists who explored the laws of nature and we participate in the process ourselves.

There are two types of Kabbalistic books. The first kind are the texts that are written from top to bottom, starting with theLight of Infinity, as the ARI wrote: “Know that in the beginning of the creation there was only the Upper Light that filled everything.” However, these books do not describe the path of human attainment; rather, they outline the formation of creation from the moment of its appearance from its upper root of the most distant state from us.

There are books that are written differently, from bottom to top, in accordance with the way we ascend spiritually. This is how Rabash wrote his articles. His writings gradually lead us to the spiritual worlds, and he makes every effort to boost our advancement like a patient grandfather teaching his grandchildren: “Let’s do this, and now let’s do that.” It’s as if he opens spirituality together with us. He explains the stages of our advancement and our understanding of the stages of our development.

The Book of Zohar embraces both trends. On one hand, each part of The Book of Zohar, clarifies step-by-step the methods of attaining revelation. On the other hand, the authors immediately tell us where the revelation comes from and why. It is similar to a guide who leads us on the road saying: “Let’s take a step and you’ll see what’s ahead of you and what you must reveal.”

The Book of Zohar accompanies me every step, explaining to me a little in advance what I have to comprehend and expect. I have to make a step forward into the unknown, and The Book of Zohar tells me in advance exactly what will happen to us next.

This is why The Book of Zohar is different from other Kabbalistic books that were written for those who have already attained the upper worlds. Even The Study of the Ten Sefirot doesn’t explain how to raise MAN, but rather, it describes the processes that take place in spiritual Partzufim, whereas The Book of Zohar is written for us.
From the 4th part of the Kabbalah Daily Lesson 11/16/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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