Preventing A Third Intifada, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A wave of terrorist attacks by Israeli Arabs has hit Israel in the last couple of weeks. This is very worrisome and seems to be getting worse and may reach the proportions of a third intifada. Very few people understand the reason for this sudden outburst of violence.

Some people think that the reason is rumors about changes in the status quo with the regard to the Temple Mount. Others believe that it is another expression of the rise of fundamentalism and the upsurge of Muslim terrorists in the world that affect the Israeli Arabs.

There are different explanations, but the main point is that people don’t know what to do in this terrible, horrifying reality. It is as if we are in a rerun of a movie that keeps taking us back over and over again to such terrible days.

The most shocking thing is that these terrorist attacks are not against soldiers, but against innocent civilians, women and children. We are forced to live in constant fear. The threat is not external but from inside our very home, from Arabs who are Israeli citizens, who are our neighbors in the same neighborhood or region.

Some people say that this is a temporary wave and that it will soon end and things will quiet down as we have already seen many times before. Others however, think that this is only the beginning of a much greater uprising among the Arab population. How do you see what is going on from your understanding of the inner system?

Answer: I look at what is going on from a totally different angle. There are no coincidences or sudden unexpected events in the whole evolutionary process. Everything is predetermined and the final action begins with a thought.

First there is a thought and a final picture. This determines both the most initial state and the whole process. It brings the still, vegetative, animate, and human to its ultimate form, which the Creator, nature, and desires have foreseen it from the beginning.

This is part of every creature’s evolutionary process, although the whole world goes through a long process of evolution that isn’t over yet and continues with all the creatures obeying rigid rules that cannot be affected or changed.

Every state is predetermined, but we have the right to ask why it is so, where it stems from, where it is taking us, and to what ultimate form. We can study and understand it, but the question is whether we can change anything about it.

First, we have to acknowledge the fact that we are in a system that obeys clear rules. Our lack of knowledge and understanding doesn’t mean that we are free of keeping them. Studies show that there is an internal force in everything that moves the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels from one state to another with the world developing as a result.

We are in the middle of a historical process that leads us from an initial state of absolute chaos that was predestined, called the shattering, to an opposite state of a perfect reality. Chaos is negative wholeness, which means that it contradicts wholeness in different ways on all the levels and in all the attributes, while wholeness symbolizes harmony between all the parts of the system on all the levels and in every form of connection.

As this process continues, there are different periods of development and there are forces of the still, vegetative, animate, and then the speaking levels. This whole evolution has been going on for billions of years. The still matter has evolved over 14 billion years; the vegetative world for about two billion years, the animate world for half a billion years, and humanity for about 2,000 years.

Humanity goes through special important periods in its evolution that are connected to the development of human beings who go through a qualitative leap. Externally, a person can remain almost the same, perhaps a bit taller or shorter, fatter or thinner, but it is mainly about the human and social evolution.

First humanity evolved unknowingly in a long historical process. This went on until one special day 5,775 years ago when one of the people in our world discovered the plan of creation, the process of evolution, its initial and final states, and everything that would happen between them along a timeline.

That person was called Adam and it isn’t by chance that he received this name. We already know that there are no coincidences in the world and that everything is governed by the laws of nature. His parents called him Adam and didn’t even know that it means that he resembled the Creator (Domeh – with the same root in Hebrew).

Adam discovered the laws of nature and evolution, and passed this information on to us through his students. Since that time, humanity received certain knowledge as to what is happening to it and the world surrounding it and about the forces that operate within it and influence our world.

We can manage in this world on the animate level. We are better at it than animals because we have a mind and feelings that are more developed. Although we are weak and gentle, this vulnerability allows us to be more sensitive and to better adapt to the environment and change accordingly.

As a result, our weakness becomes an advantage and is in our favor and a person develops that way and acquires greater control of nature. We can protect ourselves, build houses, sew clothes, etc. which means that a developed mind and sensitivity allow us to protect ourselves from nature’s caprices exactly where we are weak compared to animals.

In the generations that followed Abraham, his students developed this wisdom even more. They didn’t develop it by their rational thinking like abstract philosophy, but on the basis of their experience. Adam gave them the tools to study the inner mechanism of nature, which sets each of us in motion separately and all together and leads us towards a certain goal. Our next form already exists in the plan of creation and we have to attain it.

This whole process is revealed to humanity so that we will be able to be incorporated in it and even participate in this plan, making this process easy and pleasant. If we go through it willingly, we will enjoy it. If I want to develop and help myself do so, it is an enjoyable, desirable, pleasant process that is blessed.

It is a great advantage that provides us with the wisdom that Adam discovered, this is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the program “A New Life” 11/13/14

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