The Book Of Zohar – This Is Our Tree Of Life

Dr. Michael Laitman“The Zohar was to be concealed in the future… until the last generation would come in the end of days, when it then would be revealed.”—Rabbi Isaiah HaLevi Horowitz, the Holy Shlah.

Many Kabbalists spoke about the nullification of the ban on studying the wisdom of Kabbalah: The great Kabbalist of the Middle Ages, Avraham Azulai, as well as the Ari and all the Kabbalists linked with him: the Ramak, the Ramchal, Rabbi Hayim Vital. The Ari was the Kabbalist who made a break with the entire process of the exile and ended it. And from him onward, the Era of the Messiah began.

But this was to be a complete period that would develop gradually according to the levels of 0-1-2-3, and in our day we are already entering into the last level 4, which belongs to the Era of the Messiah. Therefore the whole world is in fall, while Kabbalah is beginning to be revealed more and more.

Until the time of the Ari, The Book of Zohar was concealed. It was revealed a bit by Rabbi Moshe de Leon, but only through the Ari have we merited to see what is written in it. And therefore we count the Era of the Messiah from the days of the Ari onward.

“Messiah” means that through our work to draw (Limshoh) the Light that Reforms we can make an “Itaruta de Letata” (arousal from below), expressing our desire that will raise us on all the levels and will attract the Light to us that will correct the relationships between us. Then we will feel that we are no longer in this world; instead we have truly entered into a higher world. All this is clarified through the connection between us. If this connection is integrated, transforming correctly, then accordingly we begin to feel ourselves in the upper world and rise higher and higher through the 125 levels.

“And because in the future Israel will taste from the Tree of Life, which is this Book of Zohar, they will leave the exile with mercy.” The Book of Zohar, “Naso,” section 90.

If we are seriously and diligently involved with The Book of Zohar, then certainly we will leave the exile with mercy. And if not, then it will happen as it is written: “I will place over you a king like Haman and against your will he will return you to reform.” In other words, we have a possibility of going out of exile in a good way, by the way of Torah, through the Light that Reforms, which is uniquely designed for correction of the evil inclination. If we know how to be involved with The Book of Zohar correctly, then we will summon the Light that Reforms onto ourselves and we will leave the exile, meaning the causeless hatred and the temporary feeling of a miserable existence in this world. Everything will be changed according to the connection between us.

We can make the same change through the way of suffering, which is truly a very difficult and long way. But through the Light that we summon, we advance on a very short, easy and pleasant way.
From the World Zohar Week “World Zohar Convention,” Day One 2/04/14, Lesson 1

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