Unfortunately, People Don’t Learn From Weak Blows

laitman_547_05Question: The crisis of 2008 showed that people don’t learn from weak blows. Could a global ecological catastrophe or even a nuclear winter already be embedded in the program of nature? And if they can’t be avoided anyway, is it best not to think about them?

Answer: If we are facing some kind of terrible catastrophe—biological, ecological, financial, climate problems or a nuclear war—it doesn’t relieve us from the need to act in order to avoid the blow. We cannot just wait calmly until it happens.

We have no right to think so, because we understand that it doesn’t end there. In his short-sightedness, a person thinks, “Well, if I die, then I’ll die.” But it isn’t as simple as that. We can’t die and disappear because we are in an eternal process inside the cycles of life, living and being born again and again.

All these births and deaths are, in effect, the renewal of our small animal desire to enjoy that gradually grows and develops, taking on new forms.

This circle can end only when we begin to build our soul from two opposite forces, egoism on the one hand, the negative force, and nature on the other hand, the positive force that we need to acquire and add to our egoism.

Midway between these two forces, we will be able to advance, and we must do it with understanding and awareness. There is a way of natural development—the path of suffering by which nature urges us forward.

There is also a way of hastening time (Achishena), to which we must move. After all, we need to rise to the degree of a man (Adam), meaning similar (Dome) to the upper force of nature, the Creator, who understands, feels, and realizes according to His desire and free choice the entire purpose of creation.

Therefore, we won’t be able to just bury our heads in the sand and say, “Well, in the worst case, we will die, but for now we’ll just live and have fun.” This is a childish approach to live, not suitable for an adult.

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