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The level of responsibility of everyone in the group for the result of unification should fully determine his and his closest family’s well-being. It’s necessary to create such ties in the group that would oblige everyone to a true guarantee in the name of personal survival.

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The Creator is the property of bestowal and #love. It exists in all creatures. In your relation to them and in no case apart from them when you will treat them as the Creator, you will find Him in them, in the measure of your similarity to Him.

#Pesach/pasach is stepping over #egoism, when exiting Egypt. Pharaoh is the ego/the force within me. Egypt (Mitz-ra) is the concentration of evil. The leap (pe-sah) is done by the Creator. It’s necessary to exit egoism, or you won’t be able to make any correct movement.

Thru ages, people saw the cause of all #suffering in the ego-nature of man but didn’t find a means to correct it. So when #SpiritualWork got revealed, the tool to correct #Ego – #Kabbalah, they realized how strongly it opposes their ego-nature and they began to object to Kabbalah.

Everyone hears of global interdependence but prefers to hide on a remote island away from the #world, believing it’ll bring personal #salvation. In understanding of full #interdependence of personal and common welfare, the person’s readiness for spirituality is verified.

People strive for desires: food, sex, family, wealth, fame, knowledge, per which pride or shame manifest. #Kabbalah develops in man a yearning for similarity to the Creator, by way of unity in the group and a request to the Creator. In regard to them—pride and shame!

Religion eases life, allowing replacing internal acts to correct #Ego with external ones for a reward in this and the future world. This helps discern egoism against the Creator’s property of bestowal. Hence, religions and practices are necessary to discern the Creator
From Twitter, 3/31/18

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