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My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/14/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

In vain do you ascribe to Me
Your rewards and punishments—
Since you’re the ones who act, and receive!

To execute or pardon, to lift or drop—
Only the upper light.
But the preparation (Kli) determines the experience…

Jews do not fulfill their mission, causing misery
There’s just one remedy:
Nations, force them to unite!

That’s what the prophet said:
“The nations of the world will bring Israel to Jerusalem,
To fulfill their mission!”

I do not change HaVaYa—it’s you
Who sees the world—your thoughts and actions
On the backdrop of the even, good light

The Creator’s plan doesn’t change, the light is at rest.
The things that happen are the light’s reactions to our actions.
Kabbalah teaches how to act according to the light.

In every person there is a spark demanding adhesion with the Creator. Stirring at times, it awakens a desire to know the Creator or deny Him, which is the same. If a person finds a way to satisfy this desire, he will agree to anything.
Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation

From Twitter, 4/14/18

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“What Are Banners In The Work?”

laitman_259.02We are obligated to achieve similarity of form with the Creator—this is the goal of creation, or in other words, it is inevitable. And if we do not want this, then the upper force, like caring parents, will punish the son until he gets it because they understand that there is no other way. Love for the child obligates them to punish him. It is written, he who spares the rod, spoils the child.

But, needless to say, this is an undesirable path, not out of love. That’s why there are two paths: the path of the Torah and the path of suffering. And these paths do not go in different directions, but rather advance side by side. If at each moment on the path I am not advancing in the right direction or at the right speed, then I immediately draw a reaction from the upper force because of its absolute love toward me—either positive or negative.

This reaction shapes me. The question is only the degree of my sensitivity and awareness that always, at each moment, I am under the control and authority of the Creator. No matter what passes through my thoughts or desires, in my actions or in the entire body, I must only think about what the Creator is doing to me.

In other words, I must always remain in the thought that there is none else besides Him who brought me to a given state and within it gave me a little freedom to realize that I can try to become similar to the Creator or to my Pharaoh. In this lies the essence of the entire work of an individual.

There is none else besides Him—this is the truth, that is why I need to rid myself of all imaginings that there are multiple forces that affect my existence. There is nothing other than the one force.

But if I am confused, then I imagine a thousand different forces and I, as if, distance myself from the Creator, from the one source to ten, to a thousand sources that impact me. But this is absolutely untrue and it leads me away from the path of truth.1

The work in Egypt is already work with respect to the Creator; only initially we think that we can advance with our egoism, with Pharaoh’s full consent. We think that we can unite and reveal the upper world, the Creator, the upper force, and reach perfection and unity—as our ego imagines it. This is called “seven years of satiation.”2

Shame in spirituality is entirely different from what it is in our world where we feel shame because some unseemly acts are revealed and became known to others. Spiritual shame appears when I am dissimilar to the Creator. This is the exact cause of shame that brought on the first restriction in the world of Ein Sof (infinity).

It is as if I am sitting across from the master and see that He gives everything and I receive everything. I discover that I am the one receiving and therefore am different from the Creator, the giver. And that is why I hate this quality in myself, this desire to receive, because I cannot be rid of it.

Look at what the Creator did with me. I hate this poison within myself and I am powerless to rid myself of it. And even worse, I am constantly demanding it or else I cannot live. Only when I decide that death is better than this kind of life am I freed from evil, and the Creator reveals to me that there is life above the will to receive.

But, in essence, my whole life is fully within this egoistic will to receive; I depend on this pleasure and cannot hide from it. I hate it and cannot live without it. It is a terrible state that takes me through the ten plagues of Egypt because I do not know how to rid myself of it. I feel that it is poison, but I must take it, otherwise from what source will I live?

My entire life is fed exclusively by this poison. I need this snake; I only hope that it does not run away from me because if it does, I will have no pleasure at all in life and I will die.3

There are many levels of shame. It is only shame that forces us to rise to a higher level: always higher and higher. Shame, the recognition of evil, is the sole reason for rising higher.4

The Creator is the good that does good because He changes our sensory organs, giving us the possibility to understand what is genuine kindness and goodness. But nothing really changes in our daily lives. Life is only meant to bring us to the point of making the right choice for the real life.

We change our values, and then with new values we discover a better life. But it doesn’t mean that life itself changes. It is only with our new values that this life seems more pleasant to us. After all, each judges according to their own flaws. We need to change our qualities, then we will see an ever more benevolent world. The entire world is absolute good; the Light of Ein Sof fills the entire reality.5

What prevents us from living well with such high levels of technological advancement? Why does the Creator keep ruining our lives by colliding us with each other every day? Because otherwise we would not need Him. And the good is only in the adhesion with the Creator. That is why the Creator created all the contrasting forms—in order to show us that we can only experience the good when we are in absolute bestowal toward Him.6

Pharaoh is necessary; he acts to our benefit, helping us escape egoism. It is specifically Pharaoh who is responsible for bringing the nation of Israel closer to the Creator. There is no more loyal angel to the Creator than Pharaoh, our egoism, our snake. That is why all medicine is made from poison.7

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/18, Writings of Rabash, “What Are Banners in the Work?”
1 Minute 12:17
2 Minute 13:12
Minute 14:50
Minute 17:10
Minute 19:10
Minute 26:30
7 Minute 27:45

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No Fear Of Another Holocaust?

Laitman_011There is no good or evil in this world, but only two forces: giving and receiving, which have to merge. They work according to a simple principle of connection, the law of the similarity of form. And to the extent of our unity or lack thereof, according to the time allocated for our development, these forces generate the states that develop and change the desire to give pleasure to creation.

We must be impartial to this process, keep our feelings out of it, or we will not understand it. “The judge has only what his eyes see” and not what his heart feels.1

To Punish or to Pardon

The Creator treats every person, even an infant, as if he is responsible for his own decisions. From His perspective, there is no difference between people; we are all one body that must fulfill its mission: adults, children, men, women, the elderly—everyone falls under the same rule.

The Holocaust is a consequence that accumulated over a long period of time. For two millennia, Jews tried to avoid their responsibilities. Their purpose is to be the Light to the nations, to be a conduit that delivers the Light to the part of humanity that does not belong to its head, but to the body of the common soul and is unable to pull the upper Light to it by itself. However, specifically in that part is where the Creator should be revealed. Israel, which is called “I am the head” (“Li Rosh“), only serves as a conductor of the Light to the body. But the actual contact with the upper force and the adhesion of the creation with the Creator takes place in the body, where the need for it is felt the most.

And when Israel does not fulfill its mission, it makes itself useless in this world. Either the upper governance will have to bring a lot of suffering to us, the left line, to make us change our behavior and attract the Light that reforms to the right line, or we will realize it and start behaving correctly on our own. It is one or the other.

The Creator does not decide what to do with us: to punish or to pardon. The system works according to specific laws, not emotions. Today, the situation is worse than 80 years ago. Back then, the nations of the world supported the people of Israel in creating their country because it brought with it a possibility of this world’s correction. Today, we have no such support from anyone. The world refuses to even give respect to the remembrance of the Holocaust.

This shows that the nation of Israel fails to fulfill its mission even slightly. The other nations feel no benefit from us. On the contrary, they see us as the most harmful part of the world. The only way to solve this is for us to unite and turn ourselves into a conduit. We will create a circle in our connections and form a pipeline for the world. This is our purpose.

If we, however, fail to do so, we will feel the hatred from above, from the Creator, and from below, from the nations of the world. We already saw what this leads to. We exist in the system of nature’s laws that one cannot forget nor hide from. So let’s not pretend that we do not understand what is happening; it is worthwhile informing ourselves about this issue and then we have a chance to save ourselves. Nothing else will help, for “the law is given and cannot be broken.”2

With the passing years, the memory of the Holocaust fades, it no longer causes the feeling of common loss and pain. If that happened to any other nation, aimed against their desire to receive, it would have been felt much more strongly and would not have been forgotten in hundreds of years. But since the Holocaust was aimed at our insufficient work with the desire to bestow, the memory of it vanished. Today, we feel no trace of it.

We have to understand this unusual phenomenon. This is why there is no fear of a Holocaust today. This is incomprehensible! Even when the new wave of anti-Semitism arises, reminding us of a possibility of another Holocaust, no one is impressed by it. Just like the Jews of Poland did not concern themselves before World War II, thinking that everything will turn out well.

However, our condition today is even worse than it was before the Holocaust. Nevertheless, the Jewish nation cannot awaken. Because awakening should not be a result of suffering. Suffering can only be a side-effect. The awakening has to be the result of realizing our mission, the necessity for us to unite in order to bring the Creator, the upper Light, from top to bottom, to all the creations, that is, not running away from blows, but revealing the Creator to all of humanity.3

The spiritual root of anti-Semitism is the incorrect behavior of the nation of Israel that must reach unity with the upper Light. The result of this lack is revealed in the uncorrected desires, not in its head, but in the body of the common soul—in the nations of the world. When the body of the spiritual Partzuf is supposed to receive the inner Light from the head but does not receive it, this lack goes up to the head and is felt there as anti-Semitism.4

Today, Nazism can arise in any developed country. The more developed the country is, the higher the chances of it reaching Nazism because people are more sensitive and feel more strongly that they are suffering because of the Jews. The situation is such that the democratic, liberal, and pro-socialist regimes are about to collapse and make way for Nazism, as Baal HaSulam had warned us.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/18, Lesson on the topic “Holocaust Remembrance Day”
1 Minute 21:10
2 Minute 22:30 – 31:20
3 Minute 40:50
4 Minute 49:03
5 Minute 87:28

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New Life 969 – What Is The Wisdom Of Kabbalah?

New Life 969 – What Is The Wisdom Of Kabbalah?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Contrary to rumors, the wisdom of Kabbalah is not magical in any way. Rather, it is based on the power of love. Kabbalistic books are written in an encoded language called the language of branches, which explains how to build a desire to give between people. Pulsa-denura is a spiritual concept. It is a supreme Light that the person invites upon himself in order to destroy his egoistic nature. In our times, the great Kabbalists recommend that everyone engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah because without it we will not survive.
From KabTV’s “New Life 969 – What Is The Wisdom Of Kabbalah?” 2/25/18

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