My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/14/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

In vain do you ascribe to Me
Your rewards and punishments—
Since you’re the ones who act, and receive!

To execute or pardon, to lift or drop—
Only the upper light.
But the preparation (Kli) determines the experience…

Jews do not fulfill their mission, causing misery
There’s just one remedy:
Nations, force them to unite!

That’s what the prophet said:
“The nations of the world will bring Israel to Jerusalem,
To fulfill their mission!”

I do not change HaVaYa—it’s you
Who sees the world—your thoughts and actions
On the backdrop of the even, good light

The Creator’s plan doesn’t change, the light is at rest.
The things that happen are the light’s reactions to our actions.
Kabbalah teaches how to act according to the light.

In every person there is a spark demanding adhesion with the Creator. Stirring at times, it awakens a desire to know the Creator or deny Him, which is the same. If a person finds a way to satisfy this desire, he will agree to anything.
Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation

From Twitter, 4/14/18

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