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#Elijah the prophet: “The nations shall carry the people of #Israel to the Creator’s home.” i.e., the nations’ mission is to help the Jews attain bestowal (Light) in unity and pass it to the nations, thus bringing the world to liberation from the ego and #oneness with the Creator.

Jews suffer for millennia,
Not wishing to accept the reason for others’ hatred of them!
A truly stiffnecked people…

The truth has touched me:
The mission of the Jews is to deliver the Creator’s light to this world –
To shift the world from hatred to love.

#Antisemitism depends only on the Jews! After all, nations of the world have no freewill since they lack the two desires: to receive and (the point) to bestow, but have only the will to receive. Freewill is built precisely between these two desires.
#Kabbalah #freedom

Personal blows don’t count—
They aren’t spiritual!
Only hindrances to the group’s unity are spiritual!

Blows in the group are
Revisions of unification—
Until the Light illuminates inside!

From the start of the path till the end—
All actions—
Are only greater unity of the group!

The group exalts the path—gives energy
So I am certain
That we will reach the goal!

If we’re together,
Then one person’s tribulations
Are no longer necessary for another to go through…

The group receives group blows
Precisely in them
The whole group comes out to the Light!

The nations demand that the Jews fulfill their mission, sensing subconsciously that they aren’t. The Jews must be a pipeline that fills our world with goodness from the upper world. Yehuda Ashlag, Matan Torah: “But by not being united, they fulfill neither themselves nor others.”

#Antisemitism #Kabbalah We must imagine clearly that only the Jews have freewill, and so only they cause all the tragedies. Refusing to understand this is doubly imprudent: like a baby who thinks that by closing his eyes, the bad disappears!—Open your eyes!
From Twitter, 4/13/18

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