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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

A person lives by society’s values, not his own.
Besides necessities for his body, the rest is evaluated only by his pride, which is fulfilled by society.
Therefore, we need a #society that will imbue us with the value of spiritual progress—then we’ll advance.

The upper nature is a system connecting us into one whole.
But we see a broken world.
Just as we draw a picture and break it up into parts
For a child to put it together and understand,
That’s how we have to put ourselves, our broken world, together correctly,
Using hints from above.

The upper world is only revealed in our generation.
The past was only about preparation.
Never before was spirituality revealed,
but today, it is.
Hence, our generation is called the Mashiach’s generation.
Even though we still hate each other…
#Reality @ML_Kabbalah

Man lives not by his own values, but that of the society.
Besides bodily necessities, the rest is only appraised by his pride,
which the society fulfills.
Hence, we need a society that regards spiritual advancement
as valuable, then you can advance.
#Free_will_ML #Kabbalah

In our world, the ego approves of society’s opinion, for this increases it.
On the spiritual path, the ego opposes connection with the group, for this decreases it.
A Kabbalist must choose group’s or society’s opinion. “The Torah’s opinion is contrary to the society’s opinion.”

We discover that we’ve grown by being disillusioned in life.
The developed ego shuts us in,
And we become bound—herein lies the crisis,
And just like in Babylon, we need an Abraham…
#Spiritual_work_ML #Kabbalah

“Uncontrollable urges arise in man,
So that he sees what a tiny animal he is.
To turn to the Creator,
Ask to acquire importance of the goal,
For all the disturbances
To be of lower importance than the goal.
To raise and not lower him…

There’s no good or evil. There are two forces: bestowal and reception. They must unite in one intention. The process of their unification forges the states of the world. Observe it impartially, or you won’t understand it. “A judge is guided only by his eyes,” not heart.

I can’t get rid of egoism
Since I don’t see it correctly:
Only hindrances to unity need correction!

How long must I wander,
Till I realize
What needs to be corrected…

I tried correcting myself for so long,
Till I realized:
It’s unity with the group that needs correction!

Torah is intended only to correct man and practically bring him to union with the Creator—here, in this world, in our unity, to correct the Creator’s concealment, the broken common soul.
Torah is light that returns us to (equivalence with) the Creator.

“A field blessed by the Creator” is the opportunity we have to work in the ten, where we must gather all the parts of our common soul, which now seem divided to us, and unite them into one desire, a spiritual body. Then the Creator will reign inside it.

There’s harmony all around us.
All calamities are the influence of the intensifying good light,
Which we aren’t able to properly receive!

An egoist is someone
Who’s against unity in the group.
All others are animals!

Shift your focus
From yourself to the group—
Then you are looking at the place of the Creator’s revelation…

I created egoism—
The Creator meant
That He manifested in the breakage of the soul.

One who encounters Pharaoh, one’s ego
And submits to him, willing to work for some grub,
Remains there, unaware of enslavement in the ego,
Justifying himself and awaiting rewards.

The Creator is attained by one who overcomes
The ascent against the ego;
In unity, he reveals the Creator.

A newcomer arrives to find out about Kabbalah,
At first he’s satisfied, but then challenges arise,
Followed by complaints.

Entry to the upper world is described in Torah:
After he came to Pharaoh, things got worse!
But how else can we escape from him?

From Twitter, 4/15/18

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laitman_937The people of Israel, who emerged from the group of Abraham’s disciples, do not exist for themselves. They exist in order to bring the method of connecting with the upper force and revealing the entirety of nature, the quality called “the Creator,” to all of humanity. This group is obliged to realize its mission.

Therefore, as humanity develops and becomes desperate from its development, it starts making complaints to this group for their aimless, failed, and empty lives. The more the nations of the world develop, the more complaints they will make to the group called Israel, demanding that it fulfill its mission.

Humanity does not know about the mission of the people of Israel, nor the reasons for their hatred of the Jews, because it also is influenced by the concealment. Abraham’s group itself, after the long journey it has made throughout history, forgot what exactly it must fulfill and why it is hated.

But anti-Semitism exists as a phenomenon that will not disappear until this group fulfills its purpose, either under pressure from humanity or through the awakening and understanding of this group itself.

Either way, this group will unite and show an example of unity to all mankind. Then the upper Light will spread through this group to all people, as Baal HaSulam writes in “Introduction to The Book of Zohar.” In this way, the entire world will come to the desired correction.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Holocaust Remembrance Day”

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In Memory Of The Holocaust

laitman_293After the breaking, Adam’s soul split into two parts. One part consisted of the souls that were awakened at the first opportunity when they were illuminated by the upper Light; they are called Israel (straight to the Creator).

It was these people that Abraham gathered into his group called “Israel,” and through this group, as if through a pipeline, the Light spread to all the nations that lived in Ancient Babylon. However, some people did not awaken and follow Abraham.

Abraham began teaching his group about unity because, according to the plan of creation, the awakened part of the souls must become a conduit through which the upper Light would affect those who did not awaken on their own. Therefore, the nation founded by Abraham serves as a kind of adapter through which the upper Light can approach those broken souls that are unable to awaken.

From this, it is clear that the nation of Israel is obliged to serve as a transmitter and conduct the upper Light to the nations of the world, which is called “to be a Light unto the nations.”

This is the meaning of humanity’s development. We are not required to make outstanding achievements in culture and technology—the main purpose of the nation of Israel is to set an example and give the power to unite to all the peoples of the world, returning all of them to the one common soul of Adam as it was before the breaking.

And although the nation of Israel had achieved its own correction, it could not hold on to it and began to descend after the destruction of the First Temple, and especially of the Second Temple. In this way, it fulfilled part of its role, reached contact with the Creator, and then went into exile, shattered in order to mix with those parts of the souls that are called the nations of the world.

After such mutual inclusion, Israel must rise and build a connection within itself in order to again become a channel—united on the one hand, with the Creator, and on the other hand, with the nations of the world.

This process has many stages. The nations of the world themselves are pressuring Israel, bringing it on their shoulders to Jerusalem and demanding to make corrections. Everyone must do his or her part of the work until we all achieve a complete correction.

From the moment Abraham’s group received the means of connection with the Creator, that is, from the giving of the Torah and onward, this group has had the responsibility to be the link between the upper power and all the creations.

For every moment of procrastination, when this group does not serve as such an adapter, it feels hatred from all peoples.

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 223

laitman_560Question: A super effort is a plea and a request to the Creator in a state when I am feeling the utmost greatness of the Creator. It can only be through great effort and only for a few seconds. Then the effort evaporates, and a preparation for a new drop of effort is required again.

This is especially prominent during a group reading of The Book of Zohar. I have heard that a student of a great Rav could reach effort like this up to 300 times during a reading of The Book of Zohar. This is not easy; it requires special intention, an environment, self-development, a special state, and so on. Does an effort like this require previous preparation?

Answer: The ability to implement an effort like this is acquired only after many years of study in a group.

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New Life 970 – Life Behind Our Social Masks, Part 1

New Life 970 – Life Behind Our Social Masks, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

It is impossible to exist in our world without social masks since no one recognizes the essence of his true, internal self. We have learned to wear social masks as a way to maintain respect for ourselves and others and to avoid seeing that we are actually all terrible beasts underneath the masks. To recognize my “I’ is to acquire a nature like the Creator or a divine mask. A divine mask can elevate me to a new level of existence and to perfect and eternal life like that of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “New Life 970 – Life Behind Our Social Masks,” 2/27/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 4/15/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic: “Dissolving Into the Ten” (Preparation for the Convention “All As One” in New Jersey 2018)

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Messiah’s Shofar

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