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My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/19/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

#Independence is the realization that Israel and the nations of the world completely depend on each other.
Understanding independence lies in becoming independent of one’s ego, turning hatred into love with the Creator’s light, funneling the light through you to all the nations.

In our world of actions we build the right connections,
We remove the actions—and we get the upper world.
#wisdom #success #kabbalah

Q: Should love be mutual: both from the nation of #ISRAEL to the nations of the world, and from the nations to Israel?
A: The Creator stands between Jews and the nations. Only when we transmit light from Him to the nations will He allow their love for Jews to become apparent.

“If when observing the #Torah and Commandments one doesn’t aim to attain love for others, and from it – love for the Creator, then one’s actions cause even greater fragmentation of the nation, leading the nation and the whole world toward #suffering.”
#IndependenceDay #Israel70
From Twitter 4/19/18

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Happy Pills

laitman_552.03In the News (New York Magazine): “Do modern realities merit an increased dependence on Xanax? Steven Hayes, a clinical psychologist at the University of Nevada, believes that benzos stop a gap that evolution has yet to fill. As humans try to control an exponentially growing number of inputs with which they are confronted, ‘our attention becomes less flexible, our minds become more chattering, and the next thing we know, we’re frantic.’

Humans are ill-equipped to process or accommodate all these new signals. ‘Our task now is to create modern minds for the modern world, and that modern mind has to be psychologically flexible.’ In the absence of that flexibility, Hayes says, people need a bridge—a pill—between what life doles out and what people can realistically handle.”

My Comment: The world is developing too quickly and people are simply unable to adapt, unable to cope with all of its challenges. Therefore, advances in modern pharmacology come to help.

When taking a course of typical antidepressants, one must wait two to three weeks before starting to feel any effect. With Xanax, it’s much simpler: get nervous, take a pill, calm down. The drug is similar to a cup of coffee and doesn’t even cost that much.

Xanax disconnects a person from the problem. If life has him by the throat, then of course, this is a blessing for him. This will work until he realizes that he needs to attain the truth. Only then will he reject these “sleep-inducing” methods. He will throw Xanax away and pick up a book on Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 2/8/18

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Can The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Save A Person From Depression?

Laitman_092Question: Can the power of the Light that is inherent in the wisdom of Kabbalah save me from depression?

Answer: If your depression exists physiologically, as a result of a shortage of certain chemical substances, then you need the addition of these chemicals. Today, this is a widespread phenomenon.

But if the depression comes from an inner imbalance, then I am sure that it will be filled by the wisdom of Kabbalah. A person moves to a new system of balance. He begins to balance the positive and negative systems.

He requires a proper environment that supports him and a teacher who explains how it is possible to attain the proper mixture of positive and negative characteristics. It is up to him to listen to the teacher and try to implement his recommendations.

The method of Kabbalah elevates a person above all the problems. But the wisdom of Kabbalah emphasizes that the problems will exist anyway, and new problems will begin to appear so that the person will balance them through the right line.

Question: Does it follow that this problem is basically psychological?

Answer: All problems are psychological. If a person constantly receives for himself, then, in principle, he is limited and cannot enjoy.

Question: The wisdom of Kabbalah offers a new formula for pleasure, which is bestowal. If I constantly think about others and bestow, will I be happy then?

Answer: The state of pleasure from bestowal still has to be achieved. But if you have such an opportunity, then your happiness will truly be limitless, you can bestow as much as you want and at the same time enjoy it. In this case, the perception of happiness itself is correct; it is like a mother who wants to give everything to her child.

If a person is in the right group, then through mutual bestowal to each other they not only begin to feel happiness and spiritual ascent, but they also discover that the Creator is among them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/17/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/18/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Precisely because the nation of Israel lacks national love, natural to every nation, it has been commanded to attain love in the form of “Love your neighbor as yourself” through awareness of the common goal, the Creator, rather than by receiving it from common ancestry

Baal HaSulam: “It’s shameful to admit that in exile we’ve lost the most important quality: our national self-awareness, the sensation that bonds every nation. The bonds of love, natural for all nations, have left our hearts.”
We must restore these connections!

… the wisdom of #Kabbalah—and we are becoming ripe to start using it to realize our true role in the world: to achieve “love your friend as yourself” and “each shall help his friend” in order to become “a light unto nations.”

I’m very happy that on Israel’s 70 years of #independence, we’ve been given a golden opportunity to proudly carry the wisdom of truth and publicize it. After 2,000 years of ups and downs, light and darkness, glory and exile, the veil has been lifted over the wisdom of Israel …

All that remains is to rekindle the national love that is dwindling, to revive the national essence that has been inactive for 2,000 years, to reawaken ourselves to unity and illuminate the light that humanity subconsciously expects from us.

Our work: with our intentions, to create the Creator’s image “to bestow” out of desires “to receive.” As we build the Creator, we attain Him. By correcting the entire will to receive with the intention of bestowal, we reveal that there really is “None else besides Him.”

Before the Ari (16 C), it was forbidden to spread Kabbalah since egoism, AHAP, would develop faster than bestowal, G”E in the world. But since the Ari, bestowing forces, G”E have finished developing and Kabbalah must be disseminated, including among the nations, to correct the #world.

Israel’s Independence Day—the Day of Interdependence.
Only in a state of total interdependence, under the influence of the environment, do we acquire independence from each other, from our ego, our I—and can become one people, fulfilled by the Creator. #Israel #IndependenceDay

#Darkness and #light, descents and ascents, exile and glory, are all characteristic of the people of #Israel, ancient and modern. We have enjoyed states of blossoming unity and brotherly love at the time of the First and Second Temples. @BINAlerts

Human society is marching into a new age where we’ll all know everything about everyone — from the most basic information that any minor computer geek can easily track, to the most supposedly embarrassing deeds we try to hide from neighbors and colleagues.

Ben Gurion, Spiritual Revolution:
History has given us a great moral power.
“Love your neighbor as yourself” is the highest imperative of our people. Israel will merit its name only if its social relationships will be built on these eternal words.
#Israel #IndependenceDay

Independence doesn’t mean freedom from everyone. At the basis of creation, there are no independent parts, everything is interconnected. So, freedom and independence are only possible in unconditional, selfless #love, when you feel not yourself, but everyone—in mutual guarantee.

Kabbalists are adding to the celebration of Israel’s 70 years of Statehood an additional reason to celebrate: that in the State of Israel, a major spiritual resurgence is starting to take shape after 2,000 years of spiritual exile. #Israel70 #Israel

#Israel70 #IndependenceDay
The wisdom of Kabbalah, as the foundation and genetic record of the Jewish nation, says that we live in the land of #Israel in order to enter eternity and perfection.
Israel’s Independence Day is not just the country’s birthday, but its rebirth-day.

Laws of corporeal nature: those who don’t observe them are punished.
Laws of spiritual nature (relating to man’s equivalence to the Creator):
operate according to man’s development as a tiered judicial system, with a specific law on each degree.
#FreeWill_ML #Kabbalah

Instead of climbing the degrees of bestowal and love for others, and passing light to the nations of the world, since as far back as the 1st Temple the nation of Israel has been imbued with corporeal desires of the nations. Only a few Kabbalists remained in each generation,

“Israel’s Independence Day—the Day of Interdependence.
Only in a state of total interdependence, under the influence of the environment, do we acquire independence from each other, from our ego, our I—and can become one people, fulfilled by the Creator. #Israel #IndependenceDay”

Our purpose is to lead by example in unity and solidarity, inspiring the nations to build correct social relationships. Then, instead of accusations, they will cherish us and will want to learn the method of unity from us. #Kabbalah #Israel #IndependenceDay #YomHaatzmaut

We cannot exist independently of each other; hence, independence can only be in the sensation of others as yourself.
I must feel that the people of #Israel, all mankind, the whole universe—all of that is me. And that is only possible with the power of love.

By not realizing the Creator’s revelation to the world, the Jews are dooming the nations to suffer, since the latter can’t do it on their own. The nations suffer because Isra-El does not fulfill the Creator’s revelation to the world. This is the cause of anti-Semitism in the world

If the desire to reveal the Creator is there but we don’t move toward its realization, we unknowingly evoke great disasters in the world to alternatively push us toward the need to reveal the Creator. So, by refusing to reveal the Creator, we evoke all the troubles in the world.
From Twitter, 4/18/18

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New Life 974 – Does Man Control Nature?

New Life 974 – Does Man Control Nature?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Man does not conquer nature, but rather, is part of nature. Nature allows man to learn from it and develops his intellect and emotion. Nature allows us to build all sorts of things so that we can come to the existential question: I have everything, but what is the purpose of my life? Our ego develops so that in the end we will have a new desire for influence and love.
From KabTV’s “New Life 974 – Does Man Control Nature?”3/6/18

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