My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/19/18

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#Independence is the realization that Israel and the nations of the world completely depend on each other.
Understanding independence lies in becoming independent of one’s ego, turning hatred into love with the Creator’s light, funneling the light through you to all the nations.

In our world of actions we build the right connections,
We remove the actions—and we get the upper world.
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Q: Should love be mutual: both from the nation of #ISRAEL to the nations of the world, and from the nations to Israel?
A: The Creator stands between Jews and the nations. Only when we transmit light from Him to the nations will He allow their love for Jews to become apparent.

“If when observing the #Torah and Commandments one doesn’t aim to attain love for others, and from it – love for the Creator, then one’s actions cause even greater fragmentation of the nation, leading the nation and the whole world toward #suffering.”
#IndependenceDay #Israel70
From Twitter 4/19/18

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