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May 3-6, 2018 will mark this year’s biggest spiritual event, the annual World Kabbalah Convention in Newark, New Jersey, and we’d love for you to join in the unforgettable connections and life-changing experiences that you’ll share with 100s of like-minded, friendly people.

We create our conventions in a way where there is no need to have any prior knowledge, preparation, or accolades in order to attend. However, anyone who wants to come and participate, even a person off the street, can do so.

It’s not just for the 500 or so people who will attend, or few thousand that will connect and listen to it, but for those millions and billions who need to hear something related to connection, unity, mutual guarantee, the #purpose of life, which we discuss at the convention.

The higher up from the animate degree a person grows,
The more the intention determines the essence of the action,
Until only the intention, the upper world, remains…
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The public’s victory in the struggle for privacy will be possible when we begin to develop our “inner human,” and connect meaningfully and positively to others. It is through mutual relations that we will discover nature’s hidden force @Medium #privacy

The world will be redeemed from egoistic nature only by the dissemination of Kabbalah among the nations.
Kabbalah will explain the upper wisdom to the nations, preserved by the nation of Israel for them, and people will realize the reason for their prejudice to the nation of Israel.

Kabbalah Conventions: What Role Do They Play In Solving The World’s Problems? How Do They Accelerate #Spiritual Progress? Do They Require Prior #Knowledge?

Answer: We need to promote our conventions, especially the convention in North America, since from it and onward, waves of information about the world’s correction will spread around the world, and everyone around the world will be impressed by what happens there.

Most opponents of Kabbalah wish to wipe it out so it won’t exist at all—then they won’t feel pangs of guilt regarding being weak and lazy about going against their own nature, ascending up the Creator’s mountain. This way they seemingly prove how right they are!

Everything outside of us is the Creator!
He presents Himself in opposite, repulsive qualities. Upon this, we build our spiritual, anti-egoistic desire (Kli).
There is no will to bestow in us. But our will to receive with a screen works as a will to bestow.

The Creator is revealed in the union of the 10, where each person cancels himself to 0. It’s unity of equals, despite all of them being different: by annulling, our 10 zeros come together into one zero containing 10 zeros, like 10 Sefirot.
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No one is free of #social pressure. If society thinks that “the emperor is not naked,” then in spite of the obvious, as long as society thinks this, one has to be brave to go against its norms. Society is ready to suppress anyone rejecting its sacred values!

From Twitter, 4/16/18

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