Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/19/17

laitman_560Question: Are there any objects in creation in relation to which the Creator ceases to act and they have no opportunity to know Him?

Answer: Every person has the possibility of attaining the Creator. It is only objects on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature that are not prepared to do this.

Question: If the Creator is responsible for my corruption, why does the good and benevolent Creator compel me to develop through evil when He gives me the feelings of suffering?

Answer: It is in order for you to transcend the evil that was created in you initially and to attain the absolute good.

Question: You say that love is about caring for others more than for myself. How should I take care of myself in order to maintain balance? After all, isn’t the principle of love in Kabbalah that I must love myself, others, and the Creator equally?

Answer: I could say that I love myself and that is why I want to take myself out of the servitude to the ego and achieve a full resemblance to the Creator. In principle, this is actually very great self-love. But at the same time, I suppress my egoism with all my might.

Question: Does a Kabbalist understand how the Creator acts through him or does he only feel the action of the Creator?

Answer: A Kabbalist feels the Creator’s actions, and through this feeling he understands Him. The feeling comes first and then the understanding.

Question: Is it worth learning the principles of Kabbalah by heart in Hebrew? Or is it enough to know them in English?

Answer: It is possible in English, but it is desirable to know them in Hebrew so that it will be clear where they come from and specifically why they were called this because the Hebrew language is derived from Kabbalah.

Question: What has happened to a person who has felt the friends and their spiritual state, has heard their thoughts, and then this stops? Where has all of this gone? After all, nothing disappears. Has the vessel expanded?

Answer: Certainly. Egoism grew and everything that existed before, everything that connected him with his friends, has disappeared in the growing egoism. But he must go on because now he will reach a feeling of the friends on a larger scale.

Question: If I am not the Creator, how can I fully be like Him? Would I cease being a creature?

Answer: No. It is specifically in that you are fully like the Creator that you become a creature. So, a person who resembles the Creator is called “Adam,” from the word “Adameh,” similar to the Creator. That is what they called the first Kabbalist who became similar to the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/19/17

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