Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 10/22/18

laitman_282.02Question: What does it mean to seek a solution on the next level if it is hidden? How can we identify the next level of agreement between us?

Answer: You only need to invest effort in your yearning for the next level, and the upper Light will correct everything.

Question: Is “the common intelligence” that is born in a circle limited somehow?

Answer: It is limited only by our ability to approach each other, not in any other way. When we approach each other seriously, we reach the intelligence of the Creator, which is the maximal characteristic of bestowal and love that becomes clothed in us.

Question: How should one react to a participant in a circle who is inclined to doubt the method of the workshop itself, who talks about the uselessness of the people sitting around him, and considers what they say to be foolishness he doesn’t want to hear?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah says that you must “blunt its (egoism’s) teeth.” If a person objects to the general rules that the Kabbalists ordered us to keep, he should leave us. These general rules have already existed for thousands of years; if he doesn’t want to carry them out, he should leave. On this topic, there is nothing to discuss.

Question: What is the principle you use to choose questions for a workshop?

Answer: I know approximately what the shared general level of development of the world group is, and I give the members of the group a task that is one level higher. It is no more than one level because otherwise the question would not be understood and would put them into a state of depression that would not lead to the desired result. The group members need to make an effort to understand the question through their connection, which could even be the answer.

Question: Is the reason I don’t understand the Kabbalistic texts because I have not been investing sufficient work in the group of ten?

Answer: If you don’t understand Kabbalistic texts, you need to read them again and again, many times, and sometimes even copy them, adapting them within you somehow.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/22/17

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