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#Elijah the prophet: “The nations shall carry the people of #Israel to the Creator’s home.” i.e., the nations’ mission is to help the Jews attain bestowal (Light) in unity and pass it to the nations, thus bringing the world to liberation from the ego and #oneness with the Creator.

Jews suffer for millennia,
Not wishing to accept the reason for others’ hatred of them!
A truly stiffnecked people…

The truth has touched me:
The mission of the Jews is to deliver the Creator’s light to this world –
To shift the world from hatred to love.

#Antisemitism depends only on the Jews! After all, nations of the world have no freewill since they lack the two desires: to receive and (the point) to bestow, but have only the will to receive. Freewill is built precisely between these two desires.
#Kabbalah #freedom

Personal blows don’t count—
They aren’t spiritual!
Only hindrances to the group’s unity are spiritual!

Blows in the group are
Revisions of unification—
Until the Light illuminates inside!

From the start of the path till the end—
All actions—
Are only greater unity of the group!

The group exalts the path—gives energy
So I am certain
That we will reach the goal!

If we’re together,
Then one person’s tribulations
Are no longer necessary for another to go through…

The group receives group blows
Precisely in them
The whole group comes out to the Light!

The nations demand that the Jews fulfill their mission, sensing subconsciously that they aren’t. The Jews must be a pipeline that fills our world with goodness from the upper world. Yehuda Ashlag, Matan Torah: “But by not being united, they fulfill neither themselves nor others.”

#Antisemitism #Kabbalah We must imagine clearly that only the Jews have freewill, and so only they cause all the tragedies. Refusing to understand this is doubly imprudent: like a baby who thinks that by closing his eyes, the bad disappears!—Open your eyes!
From Twitter, 4/13/18

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Cracking The Jewish Riddle

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/13/18

The Holocaust Remembrance Day is the right time to ask ourselves what the reason is for the hatred of Jews throughout history? And is there a true solution to anti-Semitism?

Into Truth reveals Kabbalah’s eye-opening answers.

Watch the film

The Great Migration of Nations

749.02Question: Huge crowds of people are relocating geographically and socially. The number of international migrants in 2017 reached 258 million: 100 and plus million more than in 1990. Today, when technologically and economically the world has turned into a “global village,” this phenomenon is becoming somewhat of a threat. What will become of this? (Reuters)

Answer: It is hard for us to see a system in an endless “Brownian movement” of international immigrants. We find political, economic, ideological, and conspiratorial explanations for it.

However, the true cause lies in the very basis of human existence. Its consequences sometimes seem to us as chaotic and unpredictable, while actually everything is very rigidly determined and there are no coincidences.

All “coincidences” in the world are controlled by the general law of nature according to which the desires that were broken, previously shattered, must reunite harmoniously. However, they should reunite only in a conscious way, by their own will.

By intermixing humanity, history places us before a new stage of development and demands us to bring ourselves in balance with nature. Are we capable of this? Yes, we intermix, but our interconnection is still not fixed. It is far from being harmonious.

Humanity consists of a multitude of separate, foreign, and opposite parts, which continuously ignore, despise, and hate one another. Sometimes the conflicts lead to bloodshed, and sometimes they hide behind fake smiles and slogans.

But the essence is one: even in externally successful communities, we are strangers to each other internally. Underneath the cultural and civilized clichés, the same egoism boils up, pacified to a certain point, but unconquered nonetheless. And no matter how much we feed it, it always needs more.

As a result, millions of immigrants from other cultures cannot fully assimilate in new places: they do not fit in or integrate, they remain aliens, guest workers, or jobless; they create their own enclaves, islands, focal points, or whole territories of anarchy.

Global intermixing is somewhat similar to a gunpowder barrel: it pushes together various parts, intensifies the pressure, and on its own does not provide a fundamental solution to our common problem.

So, what do we do? The great migration of the twenty-first century should be accompanied by proper education. It is impossible to just enter a new world—we need to understand, accept, and absorb it. We need to learn to live together in it. That is the ascent to the next degree.

With time, the waves of immigrants will grow, and modern society is not ready for such turmoil. People still haven’t learned to interact correctly, to fix their relationships—we still do not understand that open borders on their own do not guarantee our success.

That makes sense, since those who are responsible for the method of good connection are still “sleeping.” The Jewish nation, the patriarchs of humanity, who once proclaimed that unity and love for the neighbor were the greatest value, today prefer not to notice their history and inheritance.

Over the millennia, Jews have learned like no other nation to be included in other societies and weave nests in new places. They just do not experience problems with this, although they have no idea where they got this gift. Consequently, what is rooted in the Jews remains inaccessible to others.

If the world realized the role of Jews in history, people would understand what truly should be demanded of them: unity. Let the Jews learn anew the laws of commutation, integration, and mutual giving, and let them use these laws practically, demonstrating to the whole world how it is done.

In short, the Jews need to unite with one another, not with others. And that will serve as an example to others. An example of a close-knit society—multifaceted and unified—will become the solution to a series of problems of the twenty-first century. Only then will we be able to safely unlock the gates of nations and hearts and begin to live together according to the nature’s law as a single, strong family.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/1/18

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Why Is There No Coercion In Spirituality?

laitman_622.01Question: If the material world exists under the control of the spiritual and its laws, then why is there no coercion in spirituality, but it is there in corporeality?

Answer: In spirituality, it is impossible to force anyone because we have no means of influencing egoism in such a way so that it refuses to receive pleasure and starts to desire its own correction.

Only the Creator acts this way. This is called the path of suffering. But through this human suffering—wars, problems, all kinds of diseases, etc.—there is a simultaneous spiritual effect on people.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 11/19/17

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New Life 968 – What Is The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Really About?

New Life 968 – What Is The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Really About?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The wisdom of Kabbalah deals only with the person’s internality and how to correct his egoistic nature. Adam was the first Kabbalist. He lived 5,778 years ago when the ego was still small. Abraham followed and learned to transcend the ego and gathered various people together who later became the people of Israel. He taught them the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah and they lived in the love of others until the destruction of the Temple when hatred broke out between them. The wisdom of Kabbalah was hidden at that point along with The Zohar which was written by Rashbi and his students. People tend to recoil from the wisdom of Kabbalah since it is contrary to all that exists in this world and speaks of diminishing the ego in order to change human nature.
From KabTV’s “New Life 968 – What Is The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Really About?” 2/25/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 4/13/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic: “Revealing the Necessity for the Ten” (Preparation for the Convention “All As One” in New Jersey 2018)

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 3, Chapter 7, Item 1

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “A Handmaid That Is Heir To Her Mistress,” “Two Harms from Revealing Israel’s Wisdom to the Nations of the World”

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Kabbalah Conventions: What Role Do They Play In Solving The World’s Problems? How Do They Accelerate Spiritual Progress? Do They Require Prior Knowledge?


Question: What role do the conventions you put on around the world play in realizing the solution to the world’s problems you often discuss: unity of the people, and education toward unity?

Answer: We need to promote our conventions, especially the convention in North America, since from it and onward, waves of information about the world’s correction will spread around the world, and everyone around the world will be impressed by what happens there.

That is how we need to use the convention. It’s not just for the 500 or so people who will attend, and neither for those other few thousand that will connect and listen to it, but to those millions and billions who need to hear something related to connection, unity, mutual guarantee, the purpose of life, which we discuss at the convention.

Question: You often say that a few days at a Kabbalah convention can make up for a year’s worth of spiritual progress. Why is that the case, and how does that work?

Answer: Whoever comes to a convention connects to the people attending, receives a point of connection with everyone, and then whatever happens in the same convention hall, in a dynamic way, since it relates to connection among people, not virtual connections through the Internet, a person who mingles in the connection there over a few days receives live contact with others, connects with a Kabbalistic group, together with me, and with all our strong friends attending the convention.

Therefore, it is like a very thirsty person reaches a well, and he has something to drink. Someone who doesn’t come physically doesn’t get that spiritual supply like someone at a convention. Therefore, if we talk about someone coming to the annual convention in North America, then we have at least this once-in-a-year opportunity to sink the tube into the well, in order to afterward fill ourselves from it.

It’s a pity for whoever misses out on this opportunity, because we really cannot compare someone who attends the convention—who progresses together with everyone and who has live, physical contact—with someone far away, who has the opportunity to come, but who doesn’t make that effort. The latter person robs himself of spiritual progress.

Question: Does a person need to have any prior knowledge or education before attending a Kabbalah convention, or can a person come even if they’re completely new to Kabbalah?

Answer: We create our conventions in a way where there is no need to have any prior knowledge, preparation or accolades in order to attend. However, anyone who wants to come and participate, even a person off the street, can do so. Certainly, he will receive according to his preparation, but he’ll have a connection with a true, spiritual, live source, and that is what’s most important.

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