Kabbalah Conventions: What Role Do They Play In Solving The World’s Problems? How Do They Accelerate Spiritual Progress? Do They Require Prior Knowledge?


Question: What role do the conventions you put on around the world play in realizing the solution to the world’s problems you often discuss: unity of the people, and education toward unity?

Answer: We need to promote our conventions, especially the convention in North America, since from it and onward, waves of information about the world’s correction will spread around the world, and everyone around the world will be impressed by what happens there.

That is how we need to use the convention. It’s not just for the 500 or so people who will attend, and neither for those other few thousand that will connect and listen to it, but to those millions and billions who need to hear something related to connection, unity, mutual guarantee, the purpose of life, which we discuss at the convention.

Question: You often say that a few days at a Kabbalah convention can make up for a year’s worth of spiritual progress. Why is that the case, and how does that work?

Answer: Whoever comes to a convention connects to the people attending, receives a point of connection with everyone, and then whatever happens in the same convention hall, in a dynamic way, since it relates to connection among people, not virtual connections through the Internet, a person who mingles in the connection there over a few days receives live contact with others, connects with a Kabbalistic group, together with me, and with all our strong friends attending the convention.

Therefore, it is like a very thirsty person reaches a well, and he has something to drink. Someone who doesn’t come physically doesn’t get that spiritual supply like someone at a convention. Therefore, if we talk about someone coming to the annual convention in North America, then we have at least this once-in-a-year opportunity to sink the tube into the well, in order to afterward fill ourselves from it.

It’s a pity for whoever misses out on this opportunity, because we really cannot compare someone who attends the convention—who progresses together with everyone and who has live, physical contact—with someone far away, who has the opportunity to come, but who doesn’t make that effort. The latter person robs himself of spiritual progress.

Question: Does a person need to have any prior knowledge or education before attending a Kabbalah convention, or can a person come even if they’re completely new to Kabbalah?

Answer: We create our conventions in a way where there is no need to have any prior knowledge, preparation or accolades in order to attend. However, anyone who wants to come and participate, even a person off the street, can do so. Certainly, he will receive according to his preparation, but he’ll have a connection with a true, spiritual, live source, and that is what’s most important.

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