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#Spiritualwork #Kabbalah
The nation of Israel, which emerged from Abraham’s group, according to nature’s plan of development, must reveal the upper force, the Creator, in its unity, and influence all humanity with the force of its unity.
See “Preface of The Book of #Zohar“-Item 61

As mankind develops, it reaches despair and instinctively blames Abraham’s group for its miseries. The more developed the nations of the world are, the more they complain, demanding that the Jews fulfill their preordained mission.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah #Antisemitism

6. #Antisemitism, whose tragic outcome was the #Holocaust, results from the nation of Israel not fulfilling its mission. We must study our responsibility in the world and fulfill our mission. That will guarantee that the Holocaust will not happen again.
#Neveragain #Israel

5. After mingling with the nations for 2000 years, Israel must unite to transmit light from the Creator to the nations of the world. The nations spur Israel toward correction with their negative attitude to Israel’s neglect of its mission.
#Israel #jewish #Antisemitic

4. The nation underwent development of the ego in Egypt and its correction by reception of Torah. It attained unity and revelation of the Creator in it but then fell back into ego—the fall of the 1st and 2nd Temples, so as to mingle with other nations for 2,000 years of exile, to then correct itself and them.

3. Therein lies the #meaning of mankind’s #development. Our calling is not achievements in the realm of this world. The nation of Israel’s mission is to give an example of unity to the nations of the world, to return everyone to the common soul of Adam, as before its breakage.

2. Abraham taught unity since that’s how one becomes similar to upper light and transmits it to those who haven’t awakened to Abraham’s call.
This group (the nation of #Israel) must serve as a pipeline transmitting upper light to the nations of the world—”a light onto the nations”

1. After breaking, the soul of Adam divided into two:
-souls that awaken to upper light. Abraham gathered them in a group called #Israel (straight to the Creator), through which upper light will pass to all mankind
-souls that don’t respond to the light. They remained in Babylon.

Having witnessed the #Holocaust, we must correct its cause—neglect of Kabbalah. Then every person in the world will strengthen the need of the soul over the body #the world will attain unity with the Creator (“Preface to The Book of #Zohar 70)
#Jewish #Israeli #Antisemitism

“Preface to The Book of Zohar” 70: A #Jew studying external #Torah or Kabbalah elicits the fall or rise of the whole world, respectively.
One who merely carries out commandments, not wishing to understand their meaning—elicits poverty and theft in the world!
#Jewish #Israeli

If a Jew studies #Kabbalah, he causes Israel to rise.
If a Jew lowers the importance of Kabbalah, which talks about correction of the soul, compared to the external #Torah, which talks about mechanical observance, he causes #Israel to be lowered.
“Preface to The Book of #Zohar 68

See the full article on BIEN Basic Income Earth Network
#BIEN #UBI #futureofwork #unemployment #Robots #AI

It’s impossible to rise to the 50th gate since it is the final exit from egoism. Therefore, man cries out and the upper light, the Creator Himself, saves him. There is no more work against egoism, but on the contrary, desires are used to bestow instead of egoistically.

On the border with Gaza
Attacks on Israel won’t stop … #Israel isn’t just a country. Israel is, firstly, the #Jewish nation, with a specific mission in this world: to become a united nation, showing the world an example of living in peace and harmony.

#SpiritualWork starts with “NO”—prohibitions, to come out of egoism. To rise up from the ego and fall back down, even deeper, in order to rise higher. Ascent is uniting with the group, descent is separation. That’s how we go through the 49 gates of impurity (ego) as we rise above it.

#Zohar, Vaihi 412: If #Israel does good deeds before the Creator, the nations do not rise up against it.

Only we have this solution!

#Israel takes pride in its technological achievements in vain. This isn’t what the nations of the world expect from us. Ignorant of our mission, we think we can be proud of this. But the nations expect us to solve the problem of #peace and #connection between them.
When the nations implement this rule, the Redeemer (Mashiah) will appear and bring everyone to unity with the Creator.

The nation of #Israel is an intermediate link between the nations of the world and the Creator. To the extent Israel carries out the #Torah (its main law, “Love the neighbor as yourself”), it transmits this to the nations.
#Antisemitism appeared with the giving of Torah, as the Jews received the ability to draw upper light and the responsibility to pass it to the nations/be a light for them. Actualizing this determines how the nations of the world and the Creator feel about us. They are subconsciously waiting!

“Love will cover all sins”—
The sins remain
But are corrected by love.

There are no prohibitions,
Except one:
Not for your sake, but for others’ sake…

I checked myself
And was assured:
“The opinions of Torah and common men are opposite”
From Twitter, 4/11/18

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Accept Descents As Ascents

laitman_249.01One must work with his states as a current equalizer so that ascents and descents are accepted equally at full force. That is how we equalize all the states, and the darkness shall shine as Light. In reality, nothing changes but a person’s attitude that becomes more even toward the states that he goes through.

If he perceives ascents as descents and descents as ascents, then everything turns into one reality where the Creator rules over all the states.1

Our realization that egoism lets us reach adhesion with the Creator kills our egoistic intent and turns it into bestowal. These qualities did exactly what they were supposed to do. This is what is called “killing the Egyptian.” That is, to have the right attitude to everything, understanding that there is no evil in the king’s palace, and that everything is for the sake of bestowal.2

A person is allowed to enter the king’s palace only if his only concern is for the benefit of the king, no matter what. Only if he remains in fear, if he is able to execute this, then he is allowed to enter. The greater the fear, the higher is his height of entry.

In order to attain such a fear, one must be connected with the group and with the Creator so that they will provide him with the strength not to offend the dignity of the king, to remain under the influence of the single force of good that does good, and to think only of bestowing to it. The desire to receive is not going anywhere and we must constantly rise above it, and we cannot do it without fear. Fear guards us against the egoistic attitude because I ask to be protected from it, to rise above it, and then I am allowed to enter.3

“The Egyptian” is inside the sons of Israel; the descent is included in the ascent. Therefore, we do not jump from the state of the Egyptian to another Egyptian, but only from Israel to Israel, and the Egyptian is included inside of it, which means the Egyptian disappears. Descents are included in the ascents: previous descents are already a part of the new ascent.

“Killing an Egyptian” means eradicating one’s attitude toward descents. We begin to see the descents as inseparable parts of ascents.4

Each moment the Creator renews the act of Creation, making a new person out of me. What does He want from me now if He made me this way? This is the question I must delve into.

I look for what originates from Him, for “He is the first,” and what I must do now seemingly by myself, hoping that the Creator will help me if I address Him with a prayer through the group. And then I arrive at “and He is the last,” meaning that the Creator will be revealed inside of me now that I am corrected by means of the group and the Light that reforms.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/5/18, Writings of Rabash, “Why the Festival of Matzot is called Passover
(Minute 33:00)
2 (Minute 48:50)
3 (Minute 56:10)
4 (Minute 1:14:30)
5 (Minute 1:15:00)

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Admiring The Friends, Not Idols

laitman_260At first Abraham was an idol worshipper and made idols, that is, he worshipped the desires accepted in this world for money, honor, and knowledge. All our actions in this world are called creating idols or idol worshipping. After all, we work for our own egoism, which will die along with us, and that means that the work does not produce results, just like idol worshipping. Not working for an idol means working for someone who reacts to your work, someone with whom you live and develop together. 1

Unity is not a goal in and of itself, but a means to reveal the upper force. It’s the same net into which we gather a great catch that we dream of: a Leviathan. If we achieve unity in the ten, then it multiplies, broadens, it “fattens up”: a fish becomes fatter and fatter until it becomes a Leviathan. A Leviathan is the whole desire to enjoy that is created by the Creator. Thus we come to the meal of the Leviathan where we receive all the abundance of the world, which fulfills us. We perceive it in the mind and heart.

By studying Kabbalah one prepares to catch the fattest, biggest catch. It is a super egoistic work. A Kabbalist doesn’t run after the Nobel prize or a billion dollars, which tomorrow will become obsolete, and even if they don’t, you still can’t take them to the grave. A Kabbalist hopes for a serious win, which exceeds the possibilities of this world.

People who are far from Kabbalah laugh at our aspiration to reach unity, considering this engagement naive or not serious. In actuality, their engagements are child’s play, which bring no benefit: like sand castles built by children on the shore. Sooner or later a wave will pass and wash everything away. And this is called a serious occupation in our world? 2

If a person establishes connection with the Creator, it means that he belongs to the Kli (vessel) that is tied to Him, that is, the common Kli of all humanity. This means that it is impossible to be connected to the Creator if you do not associate yourself with all of humanity. One is connected to the other.3

A sign of advancing is seeing that your friends are significantly more successful than you. I believe that they are breaking through, establishing an inner connection with each other, saying deep things, not just empty words, but truly from the heart, and that is their life. Meanwhile, I am still looking at them skeptically and feeling that I am confined in armor, which disallows me to feel as good as them, to rejoice and grieve along with everyone. They went through a breakthrough in their feelings; they broke the shell; they emerged from it, like a worm from a radish, and they feel something outside of their egoism.

On one hand, I am filled with envy, and on the other hand, I am proud and rejoice in the fact that I find myself in such a society and relate to such great people. It turns out that if not today, then tomorrow I too will reach this.

Envy makes me do my best all the time. Envy is very healthy if it is positive envy. I do not want the friends to fall from their level since they are the rope that they tossed to me, the one drowning in the river. I hold onto this rope, and as such, I want the friends to be as high up and as strong as possible; they are my only hope.

I begin to rejoice in the fact that I am behind them. Suddenly I see that the group and the Creator revealed between the friends are my salvation, and it cannot be any other way. Therefore, it is good that I am smaller than everyone. Of course I want to grow up, but I am ready to serve them and the Creator—I already have the right attitude to the force that advances. It is a great success to begin to feel this way. 4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/1/18, Writings of Rabash,What Are the Light Mitzvot that a Person Tramples with His Heels, in the Work?” Article No. 41, 1990
1(Minute 51:30)
2(Minute 53:25)
3(Minute 57:15)
4(Minute 58:00)

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How Can One Measure The Soul’s Devotion?

laitman_250When studying Kabbalah, one should strive not only to grow wiser by receiving new knowledge, but most importantly, to change one’s feelings so that the heart changes and expands. The heart learns to feel the higher phenomena that are inaccessible to us now, the actions of bestowal and unification. They are above our reason.

In Kabbalah, there is a concept of “faith above reason.” Knowledge is what corresponds to reason. To the extent of my understanding, I am able to give, knowing that it will do me good. I come to the store and give money in exchange for goods. There is no problem with that.

But, there is no faith above reason in our world. Where can I get the extra power for bestowal above reason? According to my understanding, I’m ready to pay two dollars for a cup of coffee, and I’m asked to pay twenty dollars instead of two, for some good cause. Where do I get the strength to give up the extra eighteen dollars?

The power that gives me the opportunity to do extra work, to make extra efforts and sacrifice my egoism is called “faith.” This is what we need to strive for. Only in this way can it be measured as to how much I really give. And this comes not from my reasonable calculation, but from the desire to give to the Host.

In other words, I give above the calculation of how much I received from Him and am ready to compensate Him, but completely unselfishly. This is what is called the devotion of the soul when I am ready do give Him the entire world even if I get nothing from Him.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/18, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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Union For The Sake Of Birth Of The Soul

laitman_938.05The whole of reality is created as a result of the spreading of Light that created desire “out of nothing” and then developed it. Starting from the Big Bang, the desire increasingly coarsened, and so waves, gases, and inanimate matter were created.

Then on Earth appeared plants, animals, and man, who undergoes many stages of development until he reaches similarity to the Creator.

It is interesting that the Light and the desire are imprinted in the creature as two kinds: male and female. Male and female qualities, following the example of two spiritual Partzufim: Aba (father) and Ima (mother), Hassadim and Hochma, connect with each other and give birth to a new generation of masculine or feminine.

Connection between a man and a woman is special, because on one hand they are opposite to each other, but on the other hand, they feel that they have a common goal. The common spiritual goal unites them so much that they act together and give birth to offspring. From this, it is clear where the concept of family comes from and the natural desire to live as a couple, to give birth, and to grow its own continuation.

We all are one family. Not only grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, and children, and so on from generation to generation, but all men and all women in general are one family, descendants of Adam and Eve. There is a big difference between spiritual men and women.

The result of our connection with each other, a child that we can give birth to, is called “a soul.” When we present this connection to the Creator, He gives a spirit of life to it. In this soul, in the correct connection between us, we reach adhesion with the Creator, as it is written, “Man, woman, and Shechina (Divinity) between them.”

The main thing is to know that our connection with each other must be for the sake of building a soul. This means that without friends, I cannot obtain a soul.

If I connect with my friend through my desire to receive, then the desire to bestow is participating from his side, and vice versa—if from his side, the desire to receive, then from my side, the desire to bestow. We always act between each other as Zahar (masculine quality) and Nekeva (feminine quality) that exist in any creature.

Most importantly, a connection between us should be organized, and as a result, it should give birth to the soul. I always expect this from a friend and I myself respond in the same way. With each contact, conversation, or any joint work, we construct our souls at every moment, that is, a place for revealing the Creator, so that the upper Light will fill our communicating common desires.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/18, Preparation for the World Convention 2018

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New Life 966 – Israeli Character Traits

New Life 966 – Israeli Character Traits
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Israelis are extreme people. We have come from various countries and cultures and tend to have explosive relationships. We are audacious because we have never had a class system since “All of Israel are friends.” Originally, we coalesced around Abraham’s idea and teaching of love and connection. The destruction of the Temple occurred as a result of our remoteness from the characteristics of love and connection. On one hand, we are like brothers. On the other hand, however, we are all afraid of being suckers. The spiritual source for audacity is latent in the potential ability to rise to the height of the higher power that will protect us and give us strength. We need to use our audacity as a power that motivates us to rise to the Creator’s level.
From KabTV’s “New Life 966 – Israeli Character Traits,” 2/18/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 4/11/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic: “Holocaust Remembrance Day”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “A Handmaid That Is Heir To Her Mistress,” “The Internality Are the People of Israel”

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