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The nation of Israel, which emerged from Abraham’s group, according to nature’s plan of development, must reveal the upper force, the Creator, in its unity, and influence all humanity with the force of its unity.
See “Preface of The Book of #Zohar“-Item 61

As mankind develops, it reaches despair and instinctively blames Abraham’s group for its miseries. The more developed the nations of the world are, the more they complain, demanding that the Jews fulfill their preordained mission.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah #Antisemitism

6. #Antisemitism, whose tragic outcome was the #Holocaust, results from the nation of Israel not fulfilling its mission. We must study our responsibility in the world and fulfill our mission. That will guarantee that the Holocaust will not happen again.
#Neveragain #Israel

5. After mingling with the nations for 2000 years, Israel must unite to transmit light from the Creator to the nations of the world. The nations spur Israel toward correction with their negative attitude to Israel’s neglect of its mission.
#Israel #jewish #Antisemitic

4. The nation underwent development of the ego in Egypt and its correction by reception of Torah. It attained unity and revelation of the Creator in it but then fell back into ego—the fall of the 1st and 2nd Temples, so as to mingle with other nations for 2,000 years of exile, to then correct itself and them.

3. Therein lies the #meaning of mankind’s #development. Our calling is not achievements in the realm of this world. The nation of Israel’s mission is to give an example of unity to the nations of the world, to return everyone to the common soul of Adam, as before its breakage.

2. Abraham taught unity since that’s how one becomes similar to upper light and transmits it to those who haven’t awakened to Abraham’s call.
This group (the nation of #Israel) must serve as a pipeline transmitting upper light to the nations of the world—”a light onto the nations”

1. After breaking, the soul of Adam divided into two:
-souls that awaken to upper light. Abraham gathered them in a group called #Israel (straight to the Creator), through which upper light will pass to all mankind
-souls that don’t respond to the light. They remained in Babylon.

Having witnessed the #Holocaust, we must correct its cause—neglect of Kabbalah. Then every person in the world will strengthen the need of the soul over the body #the world will attain unity with the Creator (“Preface to The Book of #Zohar 70)
#Jewish #Israeli #Antisemitism

“Preface to The Book of Zohar” 70: A #Jew studying external #Torah or Kabbalah elicits the fall or rise of the whole world, respectively.
One who merely carries out commandments, not wishing to understand their meaning—elicits poverty and theft in the world!
#Jewish #Israeli

If a Jew studies #Kabbalah, he causes Israel to rise.
If a Jew lowers the importance of Kabbalah, which talks about correction of the soul, compared to the external #Torah, which talks about mechanical observance, he causes #Israel to be lowered.
“Preface to The Book of #Zohar 68

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#BIEN #UBI #futureofwork #unemployment #Robots #AI

It’s impossible to rise to the 50th gate since it is the final exit from egoism. Therefore, man cries out and the upper light, the Creator Himself, saves him. There is no more work against egoism, but on the contrary, desires are used to bestow instead of egoistically.

On the border with Gaza
Attacks on Israel won’t stop … #Israel isn’t just a country. Israel is, firstly, the #Jewish nation, with a specific mission in this world: to become a united nation, showing the world an example of living in peace and harmony.

#SpiritualWork starts with “NO”—prohibitions, to come out of egoism. To rise up from the ego and fall back down, even deeper, in order to rise higher. Ascent is uniting with the group, descent is separation. That’s how we go through the 49 gates of impurity (ego) as we rise above it.

#Zohar, Vaihi 412: If #Israel does good deeds before the Creator, the nations do not rise up against it.

Only we have this solution!

#Israel takes pride in its technological achievements in vain. This isn’t what the nations of the world expect from us. Ignorant of our mission, we think we can be proud of this. But the nations expect us to solve the problem of #peace and #connection between them.
When the nations implement this rule, the Redeemer (Mashiah) will appear and bring everyone to unity with the Creator.

The nation of #Israel is an intermediate link between the nations of the world and the Creator. To the extent Israel carries out the #Torah (its main law, “Love the neighbor as yourself”), it transmits this to the nations.
#Antisemitism appeared with the giving of Torah, as the Jews received the ability to draw upper light and the responsibility to pass it to the nations/be a light for them. Actualizing this determines how the nations of the world and the Creator feel about us. They are subconsciously waiting!

“Love will cover all sins”—
The sins remain
But are corrected by love.

There are no prohibitions,
Except one:
Not for your sake, but for others’ sake…

I checked myself
And was assured:
“The opinions of Torah and common men are opposite”
From Twitter, 4/11/18

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