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The knife that cleanses the body of the ego
Is importance of the Creator.
Remove the peel—and bond with Him.

The conditions of coming out to the light are hidden
1,000 enter, but only 1 comes out
How?—Be attractive to the Creator!

Peel the ego off of you
Like removing peel from a fruit on Passover
Then you will be free!
“The monster will swallow and spew out”
After that, man
Will be able to correct it.

Does the Creator make mistakes?
The Light is at absolute rest—
So it cannot err!

Most important is to lose yourself!
Instead of yourself, you’ll acquire others,
In them, you’ll feel the world and the Creator
We’ll turn the guards’ hindrances into a bond
With prayer—then we won’t lose the friends
And will reach the summit

Since Abraham’s times
We lose friends at each degree!
That’s how the Head of the Soul is created

Moses fled his brethren’s snitching
For killing the Egyptian
Inside himself…
The aim of global development is revelation of the One Good Force, the Creator, in unity of nations. This depends on unity of Jews—vehicles of the Creator’s revelation to the world. If #Jews are passive, they’ll be pressured by the nations until they fulfill their mission.

As mankind develops, it reaches despair and instinctively blames Abraham’s group for its miseries. The more developed the nations of the world are, the more they complain, demanding that the Jews fulfill their preordained mission.
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My sons have defeated me:
By their unity, they’ve forced me
To be revealed in them!

We unite—Creator is closer.
We separate—Creator is farther.
This determines life!

The Creator is a concealed field
By uniting, we enter it,
And blend with it.

The Creator stood me up, like a baby
In front of Him. Waiting for me to take a step.
I stagger and cry …

How much to take from the treasury of the Creator?—
As much as you can give to the friends.
It is the fulfillment of the soul.
Reflected light sparkles,
striking out of desire the sparks of light and love.
#life #quote

I learn from the ego to be a faithful servant of the Creator.
When I learn from it, I’ll become like the Creator!
Great wisdom: to grow under the skin of selfishness
Fruit—the desire for love and bestowal.
To peel away, after it matures.
#success #Motivation

Our #world has become unsuitable to live in.
But it needn’t be corrected—
Let’s rise to the upper world!

In exile we feel growing distance between us and bestowal, the Creator’s greatness, in order to experience the exile and strive to come out of it. Therefore, exile ends in the sense of total debility and despair! This is the end of the exile—Egyptian darkness!

Building the Creator’s greatness is a lifetime’s work. All of my inherent qualities exist only for this. The image of the Creator’s greatness is the image of my #soul. The soul is the form of the group, 10 Sefirot, and its filling is the greatness of the Creator, upper light.

Sensation of the Creator’s greatness lies in constant thought about Him, like a mother who must leave her baby, but her heart stays with it. Likewise, we’re always with the Creator. His greatness determines this state. On the priorities scale, nothing can compare to Him.

#Passover is realization of the Creator’s greatness. Inasmuch as we increase the sensation of His greatness between us, that’s how much we will advance. If one’s life is guided by the Creator’s greatness, he never errs. All his states will be stages of spiritual progress.

To clean the husk of intentions off myself—
Barriers to unite with the group—
The condition of breaking through to Him. Pesach!

The Creator’s greatness gives pleasure
In ridding oneself of the evil-Pharaoh
Though the notion of fleeing isn’t clear…

Even being born with a point in the heart
You are one of thousands entering the class
Will you complete it? Only if the Creator wishes it.

The impulse to destroy the ego is that same ego!
The right way is to turn to the Creator
On your own you’ll only double it!

49 impure gates close us in the group,
50th turns evil to love.
All the gates reveal the Creator’s greatness.

What a gift to be born with a point in the heart—
It’s the Creator giving me a chance!
How do I not miss it? I worry…

Humanity doesn’t know #Israel’s mission and why it hates #Jews.
Concealment from above is in force.
Throughout #history, Abraham’s group also forgot this mission and didn’t understand why others hate them.
But #AntiSemitism will disappear when the Creator’s plan is implemented

Abraham’s group attained unity (1st Temple). It then fell into hatred—fall of the 1st and 2nd Temples. Then for 2,000 years it mingled with the nations. Now the nation of Israel is starting to unite, followed by all nations. The nation of Israel must correct humanity.

The aim of global development is revelation of the One Good Force, the Creator, in unity of #nations. This depends on unity of #Jews—vehicles of the Creator’s #revelation to the world. If Jews are passive, they’ll be pressured by the nations until they fulfill their mission.

The ego is a monster, devouring all my efforts
Then disgorging them at once
Turning them from reception to bestowal, to my joy!

The ego stems from the Creator
It isn’t harmful, but only if used
Why it’s called “help against self”
#EGO #Egoist #consciousness

The ego devours, #competition begets #wars
I know how to give everyone EVERYTHING
And not at the expense of others
From Twitter, 4/10/18

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